Xinguolian futures Shanghai glue rose and fell, an

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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai glue rose and fell, and the midline pressure remained

in the morning, the daily glue opened low and fell back. As of the time of writing, it closed at 342.7, the Shanghai glue opened high and fluctuated lower, reaching 27775 within the day, and finally closed at 27510. The position decreased by 20456 to 119964, and the turnover was 227142. It has great commercial potential

fundamentals. The domestic spot price is 27312 within the day, at a discount, and the spot is obviously stagnant. In addition, the recent continuous increase of domestic inventory restricts the rubber price, but the continuous rise of crude oil price has a strong thrust on the downstream synthetic rubber. If the oil price continues to rise, the falling space of rubber price will be limited

in terms of technology, the daily rubber rush up and fall back, and the 30 day moving average and Brin line medium rail are still supported, but RSI indicators show signs of deviation. The 10 day and 30 day moving average are low, there is pressure in the short term, and there are callback requirements. HuJiao 809 rose and fell, supported by the medium rail of brin line, but the RSI index also showed deviation, and the moving average system leveled and showed signs of bow. It is required to continue to decline in the short term. Once it falls below the 30 day moving average, it will be adjusted significantly downward

operation suggestions: the fundamentals remain positive, but the advent of the comprehensive rubber cutting period has brought some pressure on the rubber price. Recently, the domestic supply has gradually increased, which has a certain pressure on the rubber price. There is a risk of correction in the short term. In the early stage, long-term short-term short-term participation or the thickness of the test piece is (2. It will cause the strain of the working surface of the tension cylinder or the oil seal extrusion, resulting in oil leakage of 0.2) mm. After falling below the 30 day moving average, short-term follow-up and stop the loss after breaking the position

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