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Crystal roller shutter door is mainly used in shopping malls, high-end shops and stores in airports. Stainless steel pipes are inserted in the middle of the high transparent PC board curtain, or aluminum alloy strips are used to penetrate the PC board. The overall light transmission and beauty are deeply loved by the majority of consumers

roller shutter doors play a role in anti-theft in life. Crystal roller shutter doors only make users like and accept the work on their appearance. Now, with the change of customers' preferences, beautiful roller shutter doors can meet the needs of people now. Therefore, the value of crystal roller shutter doors in the greatest sense is better to return to anti-theft. In addition, it is beautiful decoration. Next, I will introduce the installation of crystal roller shutter door and the product performance of crystal roller shutter door

installation of crystal roller shutter door

1. First, check whether the manual chain is downward. Fix the motor on the main board, fix the chain on the wheel disc and connect the gear of the motor base (tighten it to a certain extent), and connect the remote control junction box with the motor. Try whether the handle is upside down. If there is a black button on the side of the upside down remote control receiving box, just dial the help to the other side

2. Measure the outside of the main board and auxiliary board with a ruler to see whether the size is correct. If the shaft is correctly placed on the side board, pay attention to first punch a horizontal line on the shaft, then drill 50 cm with 10 drills, one must be straight, and then weld 14 screws on the shaft. Remember to vertically weld with the hole on the shaft, and be sure to weld firmly, Then align the center of the first piece of the curtain with the hole on the shaft, and use 10 drill bits to drill the hole vertically (it can also be fixed with fast wire)

3. Put on the curtain of the rolling shutter, seal both sides with heads and pull them with pull rivets (remember to seal each one at the beginning)

4. After sealing, use a rope to turn over the shaft to make a hole in the curtain, one end is tied with a rope, and the other end is grabbed by someone. Press the rising key of the handle to make the shaft run and bring the curtain up. Screw the rod to put the curtain and the shaft together (tighten it horizontally and add padding) and then lift the curtain up, which must be firm

5. Open one end of the track into a slot

6. Level the curtain of the rolling shutter door, and position the upper and lower lines. The left pulley is the upper limit position, and the right pulley is the lower limit position. (self adjust according to the needs of the site)

7 Precautions

a) standard voltage 220V

b) no people are allowed to stand below the rolling shutter door during driving

c) there shall be no obstacles when the rolling shutter door is running and falling

d) the rolling shutter door automatically stops when it is falling (or press the stop key)

e) the rolling shutter door automatically stops when it is rising

f) no people and vehicles are allowed to pass during operation

g) minors need to use the crystal rolling shutter door under the supervision of a guardian

product performance

1 Full perspective design, to achieve the effect of window advertising display, is the first choice for shops in downtown areas of the city

2. Polycarbonate is used, with good anti-theft performance

3. Closed and quiet effect, to prevent wind and rain and dust

4. High strength design, solid aluminum profile embedded in PC door, large structural strength, suitable for large facade use

5. Simple and generous design, noble and elegant appearance

6. It can be installed up and down/left and right, Suitable for installation in special modeling places

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the installation of crystal roller shutter door and the product performance of crystal roller shutter door. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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