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On March 26, 2016, the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition were grandly held. The home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" interviewed Mr. You Rong, director of canoya channel

on March 26-28, 2016, Kanoya customized home was unveiled at the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition 2016. The on-site merchants were busy and the crowd shuttled. The home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" interviewed Mr. You Rong, the channel director of Guangdong Kanoya home Co., Ltd., with the theme of "mass customization ・ responding to supply side reform"

you Rong, canoya channel director, was interviewed by Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter

home hotline: I'm glad to interview you Zong of canoya today. Hello, you Zong

President you: Hello

home hotline: every year, customized enterprises will bring new atmosphere. So this time, what are the highlights of your enterprise

you Zong: five substrates, six spaces and seven styles -- this is the product we bring this time. However, this exhibition has a small adjustment compared with previous years. In the past, there were five substrates, six spaces and eight styles. This time, there are only seven styles. You can see that the styles we show are very perfect and diverse, including Chinese style, French style, pastoral and modern simplicity, as well as other supporting solid wood products, which can be seen on our site

in addition, the products brought by the exhibition hall are special in several aspects. One is the use of aldehyde free materials, which is more environmentally friendly. Because we have launched the strategy of strategic adjustment this year, our mission is to "provide overall solutions for home furnishings and innovate to lead human lifestyles". This year, we adjusted the "lifestyle" to "healthy life", which is adjusted according to the needs of market customization. Now customization is gradually popularized, so environmental protection requirements are put forward in the field of customization, so it is adjusted to a healthy life. Customized products need to be healthier, so we choose formaldehyde free materials for customized products

second, about our new products, French, modern and new Chinese are all our new products. Of course, some of them were launched three years ago. At that time, the whole market had not followed the trend. Now we find that the whole industry is promoting Chinese products, and many (enterprises) that originally focused on French and American are also starting to promote Chinese products. In fact, canoya has been doing "Chinese style" since around 2012, which is the second highlight of the whole industry in terms of products

the third is the use of smart home. Previously, smart home was only a concept. This time, we have really added the products of smart home that can be used by consumers

canoya exhibition hall is like a warm home

canoya's new Chinese quality lever

Home hotline: since the government proposed supply side reform at the end of last year, the five major tasks of reducing production capacity, inventory, leverage, cost reduction and making up for weaknesses have been mentioned from time to time. During the two sessions in 2016, the supply side reform once again caused heated discussion. Then, as a customized enterprise, what strategy, price, management Channel innovation or change to respond to supply side reform

President you: I personally believe that the national supply side reform is not a one-step adjustment, but an adjustment that began many years ago and is being adjusted according to national conditions. The whole (household) industry has been inextricably linked with the adjustment of the country. Since last year, the country has adjusted more frequently. I am personally optimistic about the impact of policies. At the enterprise level, there are several important things to briefly say. First, at present, the policies of the whole country are good for enterprises. The good is greater than the pressure, which can release more markets and encourage more consumption. Because we need customized furniture completely. It's not a foam economy. It's physical and what consumers really need. This is a big framework

second, the state and enterprises are advocating environmental protection, high-tech and craftsmanship. In fact, these are the problems that must be faced in the development of enterprises. Enterprises must face the fact that the price, quality and cost performance of products can meet the needs of consumers. Customized products need information-based data to be fully connected with information-based production and information-based services. In fact, these concepts were also put forward this year. Canoya was laying out information islands one by one in 2005. Since the end of last year, we have officially opened up these things. We have made a lot of efforts through 10 years of construction to get through. Now many people are talking about this concept. In fact, canoya has done a lot for this (information access). Therefore, what canoya has done is consistent with what the State advocates, including informatization and improving the technological content of production

Kanoya customized cabinet is very meticulous and meets the function and aesthetic feeling

from the perspective of management, the higher requirement put forward by informatization is the policy of "Internet +" or "micro platform", which is also what enterprises need to do. The "customized home network" established by us is also the first to go online in the industry. Now it has done drainage and service for our franchised stores, and it is constantly improving. As for tmall platforms, we are also constantly trying. For example, we have also gone through detours and failures in the layout, but the experience we have gained is also valuable, because these things are rarely in the forefront of the customized home furnishing industry, while canoya is in the forefront. Some experience can't be bought with money, and it takes time to precipitate

then on the whole channel, we say that the state is paying attention to consumer rights, which is also the basic return of enterprises. A few years ago, the industry was very good, and many people tried their best to drill into it. This time is not necessarily a good thing for consumers. Because the quality in the industry is uneven, but canoya has been 15 years since 2001, because we "provide overall home solutions, and innovation leads the way of human life". Our basic value is to develop people-oriented and establish close contact with supplier partners and platform partners. Media like Huiya are also inseparable from our government, employees and the public for social welfare. On the whole, the final return to consumers is the object of enterprise service, and the channel is to return to the service problems of consumers. These are canoya's views on these problems

gorgeous matching between beautiful women and European style

home hotline: in recent two years, wardrobe enterprises have successively entered the capital market. What does canoya think of this problem

Mr. you: in fact, we are making internal enterprise adjustments. We have incorporated listing into our planning very early, but our listing promotion will be more stable. We are not in a hurry to promote ourselves to the market

countries need craftsmanship and brands that can stand loneliness better. Many peers say that canoya is very stable in the whole industry. For 15 years, canoya has been doing the solution of overall home furnishing, that is, making customized home furnishings, and has not been involved in cabinets, bathroom or flooring. We have not simply done cross-border expansion. What we insist on is to build a big home with Kanoya characteristics

we have achieved a lot of practical results. Dealers can earn money, consumers can get real products, can buy things that cannot be bought in other exclusive stores, can buy in Kanoya, and can provide services in Kanoya. These are real things we do. In fact, these things are the spirit of craftsmanship. We don't follow the path of others, and have our own persistence on the same problems, I think this is a very valuable thing

back then, from 2015 to 2016, the listing of many brands in the whole industry is good news, which shows that the market is not only canoya or a few other brands shouting customized home furnishings and customized wardrobes across the country, but also cross industry people inside and outside the industry are doing this. And we are very happy that our competitors in the field of customized home furnishings can be listed. Because our competitors can give you a mirror, you can know what we are not doing well enough and what we are doing well. We need to continue to carry forward and carry forward. I think we will eventually reshuffle some (enterprises), and the brands that can finally be truly down-to-earth will surely achieve greater development, Because this development is not simply based on money. Because customized home furnishings do not lack capital, and our enterprises do not lack money, but can real capital enterprises succeed, or can craftsman spirit enterprises succeed? This is worth exploring. This is a big topic in the manufacturing industry. The winner depends on whether the comprehensive quality of enterprise management, operation, talents, scientific research and innovation can move consumers and win the trust of consumers and dealers. I think this is the most important





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