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This is a 60 square meter two bedroom apartment, with obvious modern style and simple design, forming such a warm home. The overall design, which is mainly white and supplemented by black, together with others such as red home textiles, fully shows the black-and-white classic of a small house type in modern style

decoration house type: two bedroom

decoration area: 60 square meters

decoration cost: 6.3w

decoration style: modern simple style

how to design a reasonable small family home is a headache for many owners. Looking at this 60 square meter small family home, the overall layout is very reasonable. For the overall pattern of the distribution of the living room, dining room and kitchen, there is a clear division first, skillfully using the concave and convex walls to draw levels, and making full use of space and functional layout

60 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

the living room takes the modern style as the keynote, and the black-and-white collocation of the whole space is very reasonable. In the white living room, the three the first mock examination black coffee tables have become the center and focus of the whole vision. A good environmental feeling is very important. Look at the plates beside the living room, which are evenly covered with rose petals, blooming an unusual beauty in the living room space

60 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

this is the most warm place in the small living room. The quiet and elegant white sofa is in harmony with the style of the whole living room, coupled with pillows of different colors and sizes, making the whole space more attractive. The two glass vases with patterns on the square table have become an important ornament in this small space

The other side of the living room is connected to the dining room. The designer uses transparent glass partition to skillfully separate the two spaces, but it seems to be integrated from a distance, which is really exquisite. From this point of view, we can see that there is no unnecessary decoration in the restaurant. A table and a few chairs are at a glance

60 flat modern simple decoration effect drawing

the biggest feature of small house type is small, so the division and utilization of space is particularly important. The open kitchen is connected with the restaurant, which gives full play to the function of the small family space. In the space with white as the keynote, the black overall cabinet has become the focus, fashionable black-and-white matching, what a classic design

60 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

this is the master's bedroom, which is still the same simple tone. Looking in from the side of the door, a big bed and a white bedspread coordinate with the whole bedroom. While colorful quilts and pillows add a lot of warmth to the bedroom, and at the head of the bed, the pot of flowers is blooming, which makes the bedroom a little more natural, fresh and comfortable

60 flat modern simple decoration effect drawing

from the perspective of the side of the bedroom, we can see that the bathroom adopts frosted glass doors, which has a non perspective effect, which increases its privacy. On the side of the bathroom door, there is a rattan storage box, which can store and change clothes that you don't wash temporarily, making your life more convenient

60 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

when you enter the bathroom, everything is so simple and clear, without redundant and complicated decoration. A washing table, a basin of green plants, all kinds of items are placed neatly, everything seems so harmonious and quiet. There is also a storage rack under the transparent glass stage, where various towels are placed. It is neat and orderly, which is very practical

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