Shangtuan decorator teaches you to choose toilet

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Shangtuan decorator taught you to choose toilets

when decorating a few years ago, he bought a Huida direct flush toilet. The inner ramp of this toilet is very steep, and the sewage outlet (the hole in the toilet) is relatively large. In addition, the seat ring and water seal distance are unreasonable, so the cheap water is very heavy every time he uses it. Swear never to buy this toilet again. I bought the toilet together on the day when Haomeijia ordered the tiles. I particularly like the shape of Kohler toilet, which is very classic and atmospheric. Compared with Japanese toilets, American designed toilets are generally larger and more comfortable to sit on. Considering the high price of Kohler, I focused on several old models, and finally chose a jet siphon type. The ramp in the toilet is very slow, and the distance between the seat ring and the sewage outlet is moderate, so no cheap water will occur

general consumers often only look at whether the toilet is beautiful in shape and glaze. If they know a little, they should ask about the flushing method. In fact, insiders know that the "soul" of a toilet lies not in its beautiful appearance, but in the invisible part. The design of the curvature of the internal sewage pipeline. A good pipeline can save water and flush it clean, and it is not easy to block and cheap water. When buying a toilet, you should focus on whether it will be blocked, cheap water, washed clean, water-saving and silent. Let's first look at the existing toilet flushing methods on the market, which are generally divided into two types:

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1 Wash down type. Some are also called direct impact type and impact type





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