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Recently, the mature and persistent successful man Zhao San, played by teacher Cao Weiyu in the hit drama "that year's youth, we are just in time", inadvertently succeeded in winning a large number of girls' hearts; Off the stage, he had already played a movement of youth and dream with huizhuang, a revolutionary in the Internet home decoration industry

undoubtedly, bundling marketing has become the hottest way at present. Huizhuang borrowed 520 marketing days this time to stage a star economy with Cao Weiyu. As the saying goes, every festival must be torn. The festival war is a play carefully planned by major brands. Whether it can impress the audience depends on whether the Kung Fu practiced under the stage is solid. It is also appropriate to apply the saying of "one minute on the stage, ten years of work under the stage" to enterprises

with the surge of Internet + wave, the business war drama has gradually shifted from traditional companies to Internet companies, especially the Internet home decoration platform, which is currently highly competitive, is experiencing a bloodbath. From the business model to technology research and development, and then to the mode of operation and communication, without exception, they are scrambling to go to the forefront of the industry, subvert the tradition with technology, and improve the decoration experience of owners

Internet home improvement revolutionaries huizhuang, spare no efforts to create reassuring decoration, and work together with teacher Cao Weiyu to help young people realize their dream life. In today's high-pressure and high-speed society, buying a house seems to have been equal to a major marriage event, and people under pressure are out of breath, especially the young 8090 generation. Since its establishment, huizhuang has been emancipating young people and aiming to give young people a dream life. It not only pioneered a transparent electronic quotation with zero added items, but also pioneered an intelligent engineering management system with 36 nodes for full supervision, so as to understand the decoration progress and construction status anytime and anywhere, and change their lives with technology

in order to realize the dream of home decoration for young people in their youth, huizhuang will first start work at 99 yuan, pay on delivery mode, collect money after passing the acceptance, and hand over the greatest initiative to the owner. By taking the initiative to take more risks, huizhuang will make the vast number of young people more confident in decoration and have a 500 Yuan dream cash coupon waiting for you





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