The first face of the hottest packaged beverage

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Packaging: the first "face" of the beverage according to the needs of the steel wire rope experiment.

the Watsons distilled water manufacturer with a history of 100 years can be said to set a good example for other enterprises in packaging. In 2003, they launched a new type of branch water. Once it came into the market, its new packaging full of freshness will brighten the eyes of consumers. The streamlined bottle body, simple and fashionable green packaging and unique double bottle cap design turn the simple "water" into a product with unique fashion taste and personal style. Although the new packaging launched this time has followed the company's consistent green tone, it has retained Watson's previous professional and pure image on the one hand, and brought consumers a vibrant and vibrant atmosphere of Watson distilled water on the other hand. This major change of Watson undoubtedly leads the competition of similar products

as we all know, nowadays, Chinese people like to buy food in supermarkets, which is convenient for purchase. However, it is also in supermarkets that similar foods are often placed together. At this time, the most attractive thing to consumers is packaging, in addition to the brand and quality of products. Products with strong packaging impact can often influence consumers' purchase awareness. It is precisely because of this that major businesses have found out, and have begun to make great efforts in packaging, striving to attract consumers with pleasing packaging, and taking the lead in the competition of similar products

some data show that the countries with advanced food packaging technology in the world are represented by the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries. The packaging industry in these countries has a high output value, and the food and packaging industry has become one of the main industries in these countries. The industries that these countries provide equipment for the food and packaging industry have developed into a complete industrial system, with a complete range of products, high single machine production capacity, good supporting production lines, a very high degree of automation and reliable product quality. It is against this background that the world-famous beverage brand "Coca Cola" always regards its packaging and brand as a proportional relationship, which can be found by careful consumers. Although every time it is reflected in the packaging design changes are not too big, but every change can cause market shock. On the day that BOCOG announced the new emblem of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 1million Coca Cola limited edition exquisite commemorative cans with the new emblem were officially launched. It took Coca Cola less than a month to complete the product design and official launch. The efficiency of its work is amazing. Coca Cola has therefore become the first company among the top sponsors of the Beijing Olympic Games to be authorized to use the new Olympic emblem. The design of the commemorative pot integrates the Beijing Olympic logo, Beijing, China elements, sports elements and grand event elements, outlines the athletes' heroic appearance on the field with the strokes and concepts of the new emblem, and integrates the famous temple of heaven in Beijing, highlighting the strong regional characteristics of Beijing. Let its sales reach a higher level

from the above, we can see that there is still a certain gap in the material structure and decoration design of product packaging compared with imported food. However, recently, through the investigation of the market, I was pleasantly surprised to find that more and more businesses now place the improvement of packaging in the important position of their market strategy. All major businesses have paid more attention to the packaging of health food, identified the entry point of the product's impact on the market culture, accurately changed the product image, and made great efforts in material structure and decoration design

recently, I visited many supermarkets in Shenzhen and learned that many manufacturers have started to reform their own packaging. The famous Dairy Co., Ltd. "Mengniu" has completely changed its packaging, and "baby milk" is one of its main products. The packaging design breaks the traditional dairy solution: the packaging concept of tightening the fixing screws at the back of the pump with a wrench adopts bright and lively colors, which is very in line with children's psychology. The cartoon calf shape makes the packaging more lively. The packaging simplifies the design elements, which not only highlights the color, but also is very easy to identify, easy to remember and display

as a strategic means to open up and occupy the market, packaging can effectively enter the market. It is the key factor that determines the purchase of many top experts in the industry, such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professors of Tsinghua University

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