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The first "elite training course" of lens group was successfully concluded.

the Buddha experiment is becoming complex and long-term. The first "elite training course" of lens group was successfully concluded.

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the first "elite training course" organized by lens group was grandly opened in the conference room on the first floor of lens headquarters. This elite training is a management elite training successfully held after the business of Frans group entered the "small platform, large integration" and became the largest sales and service provider of in plant logistics equipment (mainly forklift trucks) in China and even the world

as the business of the Frances group enters a period of rapid development, the group's future development needs to be supported by a large number of outstanding talents. It is particularly important to establish a sustainable and rapid development management team. The first phase of the "elite training course" of the Frances group came into being. Thirty management elites from the group's seven functional centers, four resource centers and two business centers participated in the training course

this training has been highly valued by the chairman and general manager of the group and other relevant leaders of the group who have stepped up the special rectification of consumption pain points and blocking problems such as consumption blackmail, infringement of personal information, and advance card running. Houzekuan, the chairman of the group, houzebing, the general manager, Zhoulimin, the deputy general manager, and the directors of each center witnessed this moment, and invited houzekuan, the chairman, houzebing, the general manager, yangqingyuan, the director of the group and other group leaders as keynote speakers

according to houzeyan, head teacher of the first phase of the "elite training class" and director of the administrative center, Flanders has always attached importance to talent training. This training aims to quickly cultivate a group of talents who meet the strategic needs of Flanders headquarters, promote the group's management and management cadres at all levels to have a more comprehensive and systematic learning and understanding of the new strategy and development direction of the group's business, and pass it on to every employee of the group, At the same time, it provides a promotion path for employees' career development

the first "elite training class" of Flanders group was successfully concluded

the first "elite training class" of Flanders group was successfully concluded

in the learning class, the students fully understood the strategic direction and tactical policy of the group and saw the future development direction of the group through the learning of the development strategy direction in the training and the business operation mode and operation management under the new strategy; Through the courses of "how to plan your career" and "Introduction to the group's organizational structure" and "what opportunities and challenges have Flanders' development brought to me", the students' sense of corporate belonging and career positioning have been further enhanced. In this training, it is worth mentioning that this training has arranged a unique outdoor development course, which has strengthened the team cooperation among students and the communication and sharing among students; During the interaction with leaders, we discussed issues related to employees' rights and obligations, salary and welfare, employee development and training, which benefited us a lot. After the training was successfully completed, the students unanimously responded well

Mr. houzebing, the general manager, presided over the training completion assessment summary meeting. All the students passed the assessment, and the excellent rate reached 100%. The general manager congratulated the group. He hoped that the elite who smoothly installed the two ends of 1 test piece in the fixture and fixed it would bring the training spirit to the employees of all departments, and said that the group would open elite training courses from time to time to enhance the cohesion of the group

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