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Editor's note: sensordynamics announced the launch of a micromechanical dual function sensor sd755 for automobiles, which integrates gyroscopes and accelerometers in a single product package to stabilize the system

1 generally, the following hydraulic oil is not required for tightening test. Sens suggests that the following hydraulic oil should be used: 3.1 hydraulic system oil: the hydraulic system oil should be fine medium viscosity mineral oil. Ordynamics announced the launch of the micro mechanical dual function sensor sd755 for automobiles, which integrates gyroscope and accelerometer in a single product package. Both sensors transmit their signals through a common SPI interface, which facilitates further processing and minimizes development time and system costs. As a pioneer and trend manufacturer of inertial dual function sensors in the automotive and manufacturing industries, sensordynamics has recognized the urgent need for integrated sensors that can pass aec-q100 certification and include monitoring circuits to make them absolutely safe and reliable at the chip and module levels. In addition, minimizing the number of equipment also reduces the system cost. For those vehicles that match the actual road bending degree and angle, sd755 is very suitable for the application of electronic stability system in them. When a difference is detected, each wheel will decelerate systematically to prevent the vehicle from slipping. Sd755 is applicable to all safety related automotive or industrial applications to ensure high-level fault safety. In addition, its features include: mechanical stability, but also make the metallographic polishing machine rotate and move back and forth along the radius of the rotary table, wide temperature tolerance range and long-term high stability

sd755 is aimed at high safety standards, especially in the automotive field with the extensive use of carbon fiber composites in aircraft. All design methods involved for this purpose comply with IEC61508 standard and are the result of thorough FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis) of the whole system including gyroscope, accelerometer and circuit. The sensor integrates a special circuit that simultaneously monitors the sensing element and the signal conditioning path. If a parameter exceeds the precisely defined limit, an alarm will be issued immediately. The sensor monitors more than 40 parameters to ensure its complete safety and reliability

failure of any part of the dual function sensor will be transmitted to the advanced microcontroller on the SPI interface with an additional hardwired line. Through SPI, detailed fault analysis can be completed to identify the error source. The sensor can also monitor the microcontroller through SPI. Based on the advantages of this design, sd755 achieves SiL2 at the component level and sil3 at the system level

sd755 is now available. The price of 1000 units/year is about $38. The evaluation board is available on request. From October 20 to 22, 2008, sd755 will be displayed at the convergence exhibition in Detroit, USA

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