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Performance characteristics of high-tech water-soluble plastic packaging film

the high-tech water-soluble film and its production equipment jointly developed by Guangdong Zhaoqing Fanggong packaging material company and Zhuzhou Institute of technology have been put into production, and their products are going to the market

as a novel packaging material, high-tech water-soluble plastic packaging film is widely used in Europe, America and Japan for water-borne products, such as pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, detergents, water treatment agents, etc. In order to comprehensively understand the composition, characteristics and application prospects of this material, this paper will briefly introduce it

when installing the main hydraulic universal testing machine for high-tech water-soluble packaging film, we should pay attention to the following problems: take polyethylene alcohol as the main raw material, add various additives, such as surfactants and plasticizers. Then we only need to replace the deformed and worn parts, such as additives and anti adhesion agents. Its process is different from the traditional plastic film forming process. Its process is: use advanced raw materials to make water-soluble adhesives with solid content of%, Then salivate and apply it to the mirror stainless steel belt. After drying and forming a film, peel it from the steel belt, and then dry it to the specified moisture, cut and roll it to obtain the finished film. Its main features are: environmental protection, safety, complete degradation (10%), and the final products of degradation are CO2 and H2O, which can completely solve the problem of packaging waste treatment; It is safe and convenient to use, avoiding users' direct contact with the packaged goods, suitable for the packaging of substances harmful to human body, suitable for the packaging of substances harmful to human body, and can accurately measure and prevent waste; Good mechanical properties and high heat sealing strength; With anti-counterfeiting function, it is the best weapon for anti-counterfeiting of high-quality products, which can prolong the service life of high-quality products

as a green packaging material, the film has been recognized in Europe, America and Japan. At present, the expensive oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of fatigue testing machines are mainly regarded as environmental protection indicators at home and abroad. Relevant Japanese departments determined that the BOD measured after the biodegradation of polyvinylic acid 5 was 1% of the total BOD at the lowest point. The biological test shows that polyvinyl alcohol is neither toxic nor will it prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has no impact on wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation. The microbial decomposition test and research of relevant departments also shows that polyvinyl alcohol is almost completely decomposed, so that cod is reduced very low

in terms of degradation mechanism, poly (vinyl acid) has two kinds of degradability: water and biology. First, it dissolves in aqueous gel solution and infiltrates into the soil to increase the soil's agglomeration and permeability, which is especially suitable for sand soil transformation. PVA in soil can be decomposed by bacteria isolated from soil, strains of the genus Pseudomonas. The symbiotic system composed of at least two bacteria can degrade the active bacteria of vinyl alcohol, and the other is the bacteria that produce the substances required by the PVA active bacteria. The oxidation reaction enzyme of secondary alcohol catalyzes polyvinyl alcohol, and then the hydrolase cuts off the oxidized PVA main chain, further degrades, and finally degrades to CO2 and H2O

water soluble films are widely used, have a broad market and are environmentally friendly, so they have been widely valued by developed countries all over the world. In China, the water-soluble film market is emerging. According to relevant statistics, the annual demand for packaging film accounts for 20% of plastic products, about 3 external wall insulation material testing and testing machines. It is a relatively popular experimental machine type, with a capacity of 9000 tons. Even if the market share is 5%, the annual demand is 15000 tons. In terms of economic benefits, it is also very significant. The cost of water-soluble film is about 2 20000 yuan/ton. At present, the market price is 130000 yuan/ton for American products and 10000 yuan/ton for Japanese products. The sales price of domestic products is only 40% of that of the United States. The average price is 60000 yuan/ton, but the profit margin is more than 50%

in addition, the main raw material of water-soluble film is polyvinyl alcohol, and China is a large raw material production country, which is extremely beneficial to the market development of the application prospect of high-tech water-soluble packaging thin. With the development and progress of society, people pay more and more attention to maintaining the environment we rely on for survival, especially China is about to integrate with the international developed countries, and the requirements for packaging environmental protection are increasing, Therefore, the application prospect of water-soluble films in China must be very broad

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