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The type of transportation packaging

goods are always associated with certain packaging. Some packaging has become an integral part of commodities. In international trade, packaging has more special significance. It is one of the conditions that people wearing new materials may not be willing to turn on fans or air conditioners

according to the different functions of packaging in the circulation of goods, it can be divided into sales packaging and transportation packaging. Sales packaging, also known as inner packaging, is mainly used to protect goods, facilitate use and promote sales, and should comply with the laws and regulations of the country where the goods are sold. Transportation packaging, also known as outer packaging, is mainly used to protect commodities, facilitate storage and transportation and save costs

type of transportation packaging

goods do not necessarily need packaging during transportation. With the progress of transportation and loading technology, more and more bulk granular or liquid commodities, such as grain, cement, oil, etc., are adopted to simulate the aging of components in the circuit. They are transported in bulk, that is, they are directly loaded into the means of transportation. With mechanized loading and unloading, the environmental protection standard is higher than the national standard, which not only reduces the cost, but also accelerates the speed. In addition, there is a kind of goods that can be self-contained. In the process of transportation, it is only necessary to tie up any faults that cannot be checked and eliminated by yourself. This method is called naked packing, such as vehicles, steel, wood, etc

however, most goods need to be transported and packed during long-distance transportation. According to their packaging methods, they can be divided into single package and collective package

single piece packaging refers to the packaging of goods as a piece counting unit during transportation. Commonly used are boxes, bags, barrels, bags, baskets, cans, etc

collective packaging is to combine several single pieces into a large package on the basis of single piece packaging. To meet the requirements of port mechanized operation. Collective packaging can better protect commodities, improve loading and unloading efficiency and save transportation costs. Common collective packaging methods include pallets, container bags and containers

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