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Performance and production process of high temperature resistant cooking bags (Part 2)

performance indicators of high temperature resistant cooking bags

when the bags are produced, each batch should be sampled for inspection, and the performance should meet the indicators in the figure below before they can be used

high temperature sterilization process

although each batch of products is qualified in the factory inspection, if the application process is unreasonable, it will also produce bag breakage, which will affect the reputation of the manufacturer, so the manufacturer should also master the sterilization process, so as to common fault 4: find out the cause of bag breakage. At present, domestic high-temperature sterilization process mostly adopts 121 ℃, 30 ~ 45min, and the equipment is simple. The operators are mostly individual and small-scale production methods, and the equipment diagram is shown in the figure below. First inject high-pressure steam to raise the high temperature in the pot to 121 ℃ and keep the constant temperature for 30 ~ 45min. If the pressure rises or falls, inject or release steam to adjust, but the pressure must be stable and must not fluctuate. Then inject cold air, release water vapor while the pressure is still stable, stop after 5min, and finally put cold water for cooling to complete the sterilization process. During this period, if the pressure fluctuates greatly, the bag will be broken seriously

(Wang Min)

source "talking about the project that won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award in 2014 - the key technology and industrial utilization of the biological preparation of functional high molecular polyaminoic acids: China Packaging

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