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Household appliance manufacturing performance bonus system

the first item

in order to strengthen each department to achieve the annual predetermined business objectives, and fully grasp the services shared by all levels, in order to achieve the operating profit of this year, we hereby promulgate the bonus issuance methods of each department

Article 2 applicable qualifications

this qualification rule is applicable to the personnel of the following departments:

(I) production department (II) business department (III) development department (IV) management department

Article 3 Calculation period

the evaluation calculation period of each department is from January 1 to December 31 of the accounting year, and the performance evaluation results of each department in the previous year are calculated at the beginning of each year, and bonuses are paid according to their performance evaluation scores

Article 4 bonus payment method

bonus payment of each department shall be paid twice a year; In principle, it will be paid in February and August each year. The calculation period is as follows:

(I) bonus of the previous period (August): from January 1 to June 30, and will be paid together with salary in August

(II) the next (February) bonus: from July 1 to December 31, and will be paid together with the Lunar New Year bonus in February

Article 5 the calculation unit of this calculation unit

the bonus is calculated in yuan. If there is a mantissa below yuan during the calculation, the calculation unit is rounded to yuan

Article 6 handling of resignation or dismissal

employees who apply to the company for resignation or disciplinary dismissal for personal reasons will refuse to pay the bonus

Article 7 performance evaluation form

the performance evaluation projects and scoring ratios of each department are shown in table 6.5.18:

table 6.5.18

notes to the scores of evaluation items

1 Benchmark rate 30 guarantee project

2 Sales target achievement rate 3 Sales growth rate 4 Return on investment 5 The additional value allocation rate of 201010 can also be processed into round or rectangular standard samples 102 ~ 5 items need to be raised from 3% to 5% of China's panel import tariff, and all departments can work together to achieve the project

6 Performance table 20 is independently controlled by each department

total 100

7 Reserve adjustment 0 ~ 20

Article 8 benchmark rate

if the performance evaluation score of each department enjoys a benchmark rate of 30 points, its main purpose is to ensure that employees, regardless of any position or department, can enjoy the results of the joint efforts of all colleagues, and can work together with the development of the company

Article 9 sales target achievement rate

(I) business department: Based on the results obtained by dividing the net sales income of each business department from the scheduled sales target, and then with the ratio achieved for the scheduled production and sales target of each production unit, it is evaluated in the following way:

1 Sales target achievement rate × 80%=A

2. Achievement rate of production and sales targets promised by the production department × 20%=B

3. A + B = sales target achievement rate score of the business department

(II) production department: in addition to the production and sales targets promised by the business department, the added value between the production departments must also be considered. The evaluation provisions are as follows:

1 The evaluation regulations with added value include the following two items:

(1) current net value of added value ÷ cost of purchase additional price × 95% = value-added benefits

(2) value-added benefits ÷ value-added target × Weighted average = achievement rate of added value

2 If there is no added value, it shall be calculated according to the predetermined sales proportion of each business department

(III) for others, the performance evaluation of each department is calculated according to the evaluation and performance evaluation of the business department

Article 10 sales growth rate

(I) business department: the sales growth rate of each department shall be obtained by comparing the actual sales of the current period with the target sales. The evaluation provisions are as follows:

1 Assessment score of sales growth rate = 10 points (assessment benchmark) × Achievement rate

2 Achievement rate = a + B

(1) a = 1 + (actual value target value)

(2) B = the proportion of the Department in the actual sales of the company

× The actual growth rate of the Department/the actual growth rate of the whole company

(3) if the actual growth rate of the company is lower than 10%, the minimum evaluation standard is still calculated at 10%

3. When the expected target value of the period shows a negative growth, no matter what the evaluation score is, it will not be calculated

(II) production department: evaluate according to the sales target set with the business department, but if the production department has additional value, the evaluation of additional value will be added

(III) for others, the performance appraisal of each department shall be calculated according to the evaluation standards of the business department

Article 11 amendment

if any doubt arises from each department about these rules, the head of each department shall summarize it and submit it to the personnel section for interpretation on behalf of it; If there is a need for revision, the human resources department should propose an improvement proposal and submit it to the general manager for evaluation after the pilot landing at the full moon

Article 12 implementation

these Rules shall come into force as of mm/DD/yyyy

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