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Introduction to the performance and application of self-adhesive silk printing machine

[China Packaging News] at present, self-adhesive silk printing machine is widely used in the advertising industry, and can be used for the printing of pet, PVC, transfer paper (film), floor heating film, geothermal film, electrothermal film, flower paper and other materials. In the following formula: even if you buy the n=lg (OCT octave) surface of raw ore processing concentrate, it is an introduction to the performance and application of self-adhesive silk printing machine. Let's have a look

features of self-adhesive printing machine:

1. Multi color printing fully automatic electric eye alignment, computer control, automatic detection of color code, and automatic shutdown in case of abnormality

2. Adopt numerical control motor, and the printing and ink return speed can be set by sections at will

3. Digital control motor is adopted, and the printing and ink return distance can be set at will

4. Automatically calculate the printing quantity, and set the printing times to stop automatically

5. Photoelectric control feeding and receiving to avoid scratching the surface of the substrate, which can improve the printing quality

6. Japanese brand precision regulator is adopted, with high precision of electric eye

7. This machine is equipped with dust removal rollers, which can remove dust on materials

8. This machine is equipped with a separation function to prevent sticking when printing a large area of ground color and printing glue

9. This machine adopts a three-stage air suction device, which can adjust strong wind, weak wind and closing according to the requirements of printing materials

Including unfair economic structure, improper proportion of investment and consumption, unclear industrial policies, etc.

application of self-adhesive printing machine:

self adhesive printing machine is widely used in pet, PVC, transfer paper (film), floor heating film, geothermal film, electric heating film, fancy paper, film, nameplate, flexible circuit board, keys, 3M glue, glue, film switch, trademark laser, scratch card, self-adhesive label, barreled paper, ribbon, aluminum foil Silk printing of roll materials such as copper foil

features of self-adhesive printing:

1. The self-adhesive paper is relatively thick, which generally has the thickness of two 150g/m2 coated paper. It is composed of coated paper, aluminum foil, color polyester film substrate and wax paper layer

2. The self-adhesive printing paper is generally high-grade coated paper, gold card, silver card paper and colored polyester film, and the surface of the paper is smooth and bright

3. Self adhesive paper has small ink absorption, and is composed of base paper and face paper. It is easy to separate, which will affect the printing plate, and the printing speed should be slower

4. It is easy to get dirty on the back when printing full-scale field images

the above is about the self-adhesive printing machine. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information about silk printing machines, please continue to pay attention to Chinese packaging

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