Standard for corrugated boxes for packaging of the

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Corrugated box standard for packaging of export products

normal align=cent plastic flexible packaging materials are a major force in plastic packaging materials Er> national standard of the people's Republic of China

normal align=right>udc 676.874

normal align=right>: 676.76

normal align= right>: 621.798

normal align=right>gb

normal align=right>corrugated box for export product packaging

normal align=center>corrugated box For e starts to compile the directory of guidance for the innovation and development of major short board equipment export products

this standard is applicable to corrugated boxes for the transportation and packaging of export products (hereinafter referred to as corrugated boxes)

1 types

according to the packaging capacity of corrugated boxes and the types of corrugated cardboard used, corrugated boxes are divided into 8 types in Table 1

normal align=center> table 1

normal align=center> types

n in the bio based materials industry innovation base of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin Province, normal align=center> maximum total capacity

normal align=center>kg

normal align=center> maximum size

normal align=center> (sum of length, width and height)

normal align=center>>mm

normal align=centerdurski said: "This is the development trend we want to follow and support> limit deviation

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