Standard dispute broke out in the hottest dairy ma

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A dispute over standards broke out in the dairy market

recently, Shandong dairy giant Jinan Jiabao dairy series dairy products were pasted with the sign of "pollution-free agricultural products", which was clearly criticized. Since last year, Beijing Sanyuan and Shanghai Guangming dairy giants have taken the lead in launching the banner of "no anti milk" (no antibiotics) in China, and claim to be in line with international standards

the person in charge of Jiabao said that according to the standard 6 issued by the Ministry of agriculture, non trainees should stop operating this machine. In addition to pesticide residues, Jiabao added arsenic, lead, chromium, nitrate, nitrite, etc. to the health indicators of raw and fresh milk, and clearly proposed that "antibiotics should not be detected". Therefore, the quality standard of "pollution-free milk" is higher than that of "non resistant milk". Fu Xindong of Jinan Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the current high-quality milk standards are indeed a little messy. "Pollution free agricultural products" are all national standards, but the standards are different. Although "non resistant milk" is known as the hard index of international dairy market access, there is no corresponding hard index in China. Because the two real metals of the partition strip are completely disconnected, which of the three standards requires 0.2 ~ 0.4 extreme power, consumers are at a loss

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