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Truck scale (weighbridge) standards and verification methods

the following issues should be considered in modifying truck scale (weighbridge) standards and verification methods: 1 If the rolling load method is adopted in China, it is necessary to reasonably specify the concentrated load value of various range truck scales (weighbridge), and it should also be pointed out that the rolling load test cannot replace the eccentric load test of the weighing instrument. Build 1 working condition 2 The truck scale (weighbridge) shall still be subject to uniform load test with increasing cracks to determine the nominal load of the truck scale. It can also be subject to the sealing performance test load of the test piece after the drop and pressure test, that is, the maximum weighing capacity. 3. Determine the rationality of truck scale (weighbridge) design according to the judgment formula of nominal load CLC (n-0.5)

4. Whether it is allowed to use more than three weighing sections, the bearing scale platform with 8 sensors and an overall bearing scale platform. At most, several sensors are allowed to be used. 5. What is the maximum division number of truck scale (weighbridge) used outdoors without wind

these are some problems that manufacturers and users should pay attention to and correctly use truck scale (weighbridge) for weighing. Finally, generally, the modification of standards and verification regulations should be supported by the manufacturer, otherwise there will be space-to-space words, and wrong identification modifications cannot be obtained due to wrong reading. Some major modifications should be supported by test data and economic analysis. After modification, there should also be legal arrangements for how to deal with the original truck scale. After the development and progress of China's weighing apparatus industry over the years, we have enough experience and ability to modify the standards and verification methods of truck scales suitable for China's national conditions

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