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Analysis of the failure cases of small packaged rice (Part 2)

among the six advantages originally set, the advantage of human resources seems to have not been brought into play. Since there are problems in the selection and training of the first step, the successive problems in the future are not strange, but straightened out into a chapter. After the establishment of the project department, we have to design products and trademarks. Product design needs to determine the origin, rice varieties, processing technology, packaging specifications, terminal price, trademark design is to determine the trademark to be registered, packaging patterns, as well as the content, selling points, differentiation and so on. Added merican Milad? Polypropylene with nxtm8000 transparent agent can become transparent and transparent. After some research by these laymen, they have made such a thing:

at a glance, it is stable and ordinary. I can't see the kingly demeanor and meticulous conception of MK grain and oil group in the industry

the reason for making this choice is a leading idea of "playing from bottom to top". Specifically, the leading idea of "playing from bottom to top" is to first choose northeast japonica rice, which is widely accepted in the country, as the first product, and set the price at the medium level to win the familiarity and acceptance of consumers. Then on this basic platform, we will continue to develop new rice varieties and high-end rice varieties that meet different tastes and regions, Enrich product lines, ensure profits and establish brands. This idealized design idea, which seems to have no problem on the surface, encountered a comprehensive failure in the later practical operation

in order to ensure that in case of the negative effects caused by the failure of the promotion of packaged rice, MK grain and oil group did not choose the brand name of packaged rice that consumers are already very familiar with as the brand name of packaged rice, and in the outer packaging of packaged rice, it did not use the design elements that are similar to the famous Jinxx packaged oil, but a relatively simple, ordinary or even plain packaging design, in the eyes of consumers, From the name to the packaging, this is a brand-new packaging rice brand. It has nothing to do with the Jinxx brand packaging oil that consumers are familiar with. The originally set third advantage (i.e. brand advantage) has basically not been brought into play.

the origin, rice varieties, and packaging specifications are generalized. As for the processing technology of non scouring rice, it is not new for a long time. The big problem in product design is this terminal price, Because in Ka retail terminals, consumers who come to buy rice have two orientations: one is to buy 1. 00 or below, medium to low gear meters, the second is 1. High grade rice above 8, 1. 5 this price is a little embarrassing in Ka terminals, medium and a little high, and the two main purchasing groups are not pleasing

there is also a small problem about the correct use of products. The taste of Japonica Rice in Northeast China is better than that of Japonica Rice in other regions, but there is a small stress in the specific cooking process, and its output can be controlled by computer, such as angular wave, square wave or sine wave, that is, rice must be soaked in water for about ten minutes after washing, and then boiled, and rice must be stewed for five minutes after cooking, and then opened for eating, which is called soaking before soaking, The Northeast japonica rice that has not been soaked before is hard to boil. Consumers in eastern and southern China who are used to eating soft rice are not very used to it, while the rice produced in other places is not so troublesome. After washing the rice and boiling it directly, you can eat it directly. However, the problem of "soaking before soaking after soaking" is not emphasized on the packaging of jinyuanbao rice. Later, many consumers in eastern China generally reflected that the rice is too hard! poor taste! Like a gun! Lost the interest of buying for the second time

strictly speaking, from product design to trademark design, there is little competitiveness and advantage. From the perspective of marketing, the differentiation of this product and the interests of consumers have basically not been reflected, but after the introduction of this design scheme, it was unanimously approved. Anyway, they are laymen, and no one can see what is wrong here. Soon, Go to the next procedure, the determination of production and sales, the selection of dealers and the setting of sales channels, which is very fast:

however, because the OEM factory is not its own factory after all, it is not in place in terms of quality control. There are many problems, such as the wrong packaging, missing bar codes, products mixed with foreign matters, packaging quality, and other quality stories have occurred, Bring more than n stores and consumer complaints to the later transportation, warehousing and sales

in terms of dealer selection

one of the reasons why the project of packaging rice was proposed at the beginning was to balance the fund utilization rate of packaging oil dealers in the off-season sales. In addition, the ready-made dealer group resources, naturally, should be given to these old dealers. Moreover, these old dealers are also dealers who rush to take over the distribution rights of packaged rice. However, m grain and oil group only sees that the old dealers rush to take over the distribution rights of jinyuanbao rice, but does not see the deep-seated reasons why the dealers rush to take over the distribution rights. These old dealers compete for the distribution rights of packaged rice from the perspective of control. They are worried that the project will flow out to other dealers, Other dealers take this opportunity to establish a good relationship with MK grain and oil group. During this period, the Soviet Union also developed some corresponding high-tech alloys, which in turn will have an impact on its own distribution rights. Take precautions and nip the dangerous signs in the cradle! So rush to undertake the distribution right of packaged rice desperately, and then do it slowly. It doesn't matter what it is made of, just hold on. The top management of MK grain and oil group, who didn't know the inside story, was very happy and said that the omen was good. Among them, some of the business staff of the office saw the problem and the existing crisis because they dealt with dealers every day, so they gave advice to the headquarters and suggested that the bosses rethink the issue of giving distribution rights. Unfortunately, all the top leaders, including the two project managers, couldn't see it, This advantage of the dealer is lost

with products and trademarks, dealers and channels, the next step should be marketing and sales promotion. What are the problems

as we all know, it is difficult to start the market of new products without corresponding promotion resources. Then the powerful MK grain and oil group is unexpectedly stingy in the market promotion of packaged rice this time, and there is no momentum to spend money and silver on packaged oil. Why? MK grain and oil group made an empirical mistake, thinking that those dealers who seem to be obedient should be loyal to the company, and the degree of cooperation should be no problem. MK grain and oil packaging oil has achieved hundreds of millionaires and more than ten millionaires in China. This time, the group launched packaging rice, which is only made for the old dealers of these packaging oil, which will bring them a new profit growth point, So it's no problem for these old dealers who made their fortune by MK grain and oil group to contribute to the market cost. Therefore, MK grain and oil group basically did not issue relevant market cost support policies. Wrong, the so-called business is business. These old dealers really thank MK grain and oil group for making them millionaires and multimillionaires, but they just thank it, but they have to pay for the market investment involving real gold and silver, Then we have to consider it carefully. The original distribution right of rice is just to prevent other dealers from establishing relations with MK grain and oil group through this project, and we don't intend to make any kind of it. Once again, MK grain and oil group has this attitude in market investment, which is not much interested. Anyway, the distribution right has been received. Since other manufacturers don't invest, we can buy less goods and sell them. This advantage of the dealer can be lost again

through the efforts of the local offices of MK grain and oil group, the dealers still give face and count the goods. According to the original plan, they have to enter the Ka terminal for sales, but this problem comes again. At the Ka terminal, the products of MK grain and oil group have become essential products, and it is impossible not to sell them. Although the sales are guaranteed, the profits are already very low, and often because of supply Restricted by the resident agencies and suppliers of MK grain and oil group due to price and other reasons, it is difficult for some manufacturers and suppliers to receive the fees that should be charged. The brand is large. Not only the manufacturers but also the suppliers are dragging, threatening to stop the goods at any time. Ka terminal buyers, who are used to being coaxed by other manufacturers, have been holding their breath for a long time. Well, this opportunity is coming. If you want to enter the market for the new packaging rice of MK grain and oil group now, is it good, Finally, the opportunity was seized. Each Ka terminal offered a high entry fee price one after another. Anyway, Ka terminals were not short of rice, and MK grain and oil group had a word in advance. This time, the relevant expenses of rice were borne by the dealer, which was unwilling. Anyway, it was not very important. Let's wait

after this delay for more than a month, the senior management of MK grain and oil company was alerted. After some work, the dealers were forced to have no choice. They turned around and discussed with KA terminals again. After nearly two months, they finally entered the market. It is said that after the new product enters the market, promotion activities must be arranged. How can they attract consumers to pay attention and buy it? The cost of marketing has once again become the focus of the dispute between MK grain and oil group and dealers. The dealers think it is natural for me to be a sales manufacturer and do marketing. MK grain and oil group believes that the dealers have made a lot of money in packaging oil. Now it is only tens of thousands of pieces of promotion costs. How can we not afford it? Everyone has reason to disagree. Manufacturers and dealers can afford to spend time, but this small packaged rice can't afford to spend. After all, there is only a six-month product warranty period. In the early stage, due to the problem of freight turnover, it was delayed for one month, and the problem of being unable to enter the market was delayed for nearly two months. Now, due to the lack of manufacturers, they don't invest in promotion resources, and they spent another month in Ka terminal. According to the commodity management regulations of the store, One third of the products with the shelf life remaining should be returned. The main target markets of biodegradable plastics are plastic packaging film, agricultural film, disposable plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware. In addition, the product quality of this rice is unstable, and sometimes there are quality accidents such as packaging opening, inclusion of foreign matters, lack of bar code or wrong printing of bar code. In addition, there is no promotion measures, so naturally, few packages can be sold and it still occupies a place, Ka terminals are also impatient

well, this Ka terminal can't get along, so it can't ignore the original provisions that only enter the Ka terminal can't enter the traditional wholesale channels. After these returned packaged rice are unpacked and changed, they are marked with a new production date and pushed to the grain and oil market to go through the wholesale channels. However, wholesalers in the traditional channels are also not cold, and the complaints of Ka terminal buyers are also among grain and oil wholesalers, At present, the reason why MK grain and oil group's packaging oil is regarded as the most important product of its kind is that the brand awareness is high, the consumers' naming purchase rate is high, in order to make basic profits and better bring other products, they have to endure the profit oppression of first-class dealers, as well as the repeated delay of year-end rebate. Now dealers are not happy to take such a thing

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