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Standard for post press processing and management

people have now generally recognized that for a high-quality book, it should not only have good plate making technology, exquisite printing effect, but also have high-quality binding quality, so as to complement its design and content, and have long-term use and preservation value

as people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and characteristics of printed publications, the previous situation that only paid attention to prepress and printing, but despised binding and finishing processing has changed greatly. It is now widely recognized that for a high-quality book, it needs not only better plate making technology, exquisite printing effect, but also high-quality binding appearance, so as to complement its design and content, and have long-term use and preservation value. However, due to the wide variety of post press products and complex process, the dielectric consumption under high frequency is small, and there are many factors affecting the product quality, so the quality management is difficult. The author believes that the implementation of standardized and standardized production is not only the need of product production control, but also a solid foundation for large-scale production. Here the author makes a brief discussion on how to improve the quality of post press processing based on my years of experience in post press processing quality management

strengthen the quality awareness of employees

truly qualified products depend on the joint efforts of all employees. Only when all personnel involved in production improve their quality awareness and their own technical level, and produce in strict accordance with the standards, the improvement of product quality can be guaranteed, and the enterprise can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. The quality awareness and technical level of employees can be improved through education and training

1. Every employee should realize the importance of improving product quality and implement the quality policy formulated by the enterprise to the letter. We should make every employee deeply realize that there is no job today without quality, and establish the concept that quality is a job and a strong sense of ownership among employees

2. Organize employees to carefully study quality standards, quality manual, job responsibilities, etc., so that each employee knows what quality standards their products should meet, and what kind of products are high-quality products, qualified products and unqualified products. Through the "quality reward and punishment measures", the income of employees is directly linked to product quality

3. Carry out technological education and encourage employees to study technology. Under the organization of the quality department of the work core, technical training is carried out for employees, relevant captains are organized to participate in the preparation of process documents, and necessary updates and modifications are made to some process parameters to make them closer to the actual situation and increase their authority. Technical competitions are widely carried out among employees in departments, and advanced machine teams and individuals are selected, so as to encourage employees to pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of their own technical quality

quality awareness education can also be widely publicized and educated internally through meetings, in plant briefings, study classes, and the establishment of quality feedback columns. As the printing enterprise is a service industry, we should pay attention to the feedback of customer quality information, organize relevant personnel to discuss the problems in time, and put forward corresponding solutions and measures. The weekly regular meeting insists on carrying out quality publicity and quality summary, so as to strengthen the vertical communication of quality problems

quality awareness education is a long-term and arduous quality management work. Only when the quality awareness is firmly rooted in the thoughts of each employee, the quality situation will have a qualitative leap. The ultimate goal of quality awareness education is to maximize the enthusiasm of all employees to grasp product quality and give full play to the production technology level of each employee

strengthen the process control and formulate the processing plan

as the production management personnel of the printing enterprise, only when they are familiar with the products to be processed and the existing equipment status and technical strength of the factory, can they formulate a reasonable processing plan and produce good products

1. After receiving the construction order and clear sample, the production management personnel should first understand the process requirements and the quality of the materials used, make a rough sample, construction order and clear sample review, and confirm whether the processing can meet the established requirements of the construction order

2. Formulate a detailed processing plan according to the existing equipment status and technical force of the workshop, including processing sequence, process method, materials, equipment used and quality standards, and indicate the quality points that should be paid attention to in the production of products in each process, so as to improve the strength and effect of self-examination of machine personnel, so as to better prevent the occurrence of quality accidents, stabilize and improve the product quality level

3. Establish product process and quality archives. With the development of technology and market, post press processing is also facing more and more new processes and problems. The employees of the enterprise should not only be familiar with the performance of the equipment, but also understand the requirements of the new process. They should also make records of various situations in the processing of products with different processes and materials, keep samples, and establish product process archives. Through the induction, arrangement and summary of process files, reliable guidance is provided for production. Carefully record the quality problems found in the inspection and their solutions, establish product quality archives, find the bottlenecks affecting product quality, and solve them pertinently, so as to effectively avoid the recurrence of the same errors. As the first-hand information of production, product technology and quality archives can avoid detours in the future and realize a virtuous cycle of product quality

scientific scheduling and balanced production

on the surface, the debugging work is to ensure the normal progress of production and the normal completion of tasks. In fact, it is not true, and it seems to have little to do with quality. In fact, reasonable and scientific scheduling can ensure the quality of products to a great extent. Especially in the case of short cycle and high quality, the current data shows that the reserve between product cycle and quality can only be solved by reasonable and scientific production scheduling

1. For products of the same variety, it is generally printed first and installed first, ldquo; The soft and hard environment of Tongling gives the prints a relatively long drying time, making them fully and naturally dry, so as to avoid the sticky and dirty prints caused by a large amount of ink; Or after the book is cut, the paper continues to stretch, causing quality problems such as uneven incision, dry ink, film blistering, etc

2. For different products that expire at the same time, the processing and production sequence should be arranged according to their process complexity. For example, for hardcover products and horse riding order products that expire at the same time, we should try to arrange the folding of hardcover products first, so as to ensure that the book block has a long binding time, so that the book case can dry naturally, so as to ensure that the finalized effect of the finished book is good and the book case does not warp

3. When the production of the upper and lower processes are closely connected, scientific production scheduling can effectively avoid the phenomenon of waiting and catching up due to the wrong production arrangement, which not only improves the efficiency, but also avoids the phenomenon of radish not washing mud when it is fast

the improvement of post press processing quality is certainly inseparable from the pre press and printing processes. If the pre press design and printing can communicate more with the post press processes, I believe the product quality will be greatly improved

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