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Corrugated board conveyor belt Standard

corrugated board conveyor belt has a direct impact on the production process and product quality of corrugated board. In order to meet and promote the needs of conveyor belt manufacturers to standardize and improve product quality, it was proposed by China Packaging Technology Association and approved by the national development and Reform Commission. The standard of corrugated board conveyor belt was formulated, which was issued on January 9, 2004 and implemented on June 1

the technical indicators of this standard are determined by analyzing and comparing the index requirements of the domestic conveyor belt enterprise standards and the test verification data of the collected samples

this standard specifies the specifications, models, technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules of corrugated cardboard conveyor belts (hereinafter referred to as conveyor belts), as well as the product marks, packaging, transportation and storage with midway stop after transportation and unloading

this standard is applicable to the heat-resistant temperature of polymer conveying materials compounded with polyester and other chemical fibers, cotton yarn and high-temperature resistant materials suitable for corrugated board production lines, which refers to belt feeding under a constant load

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