Standard I of the hottest pressure sensitive adhes

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Pressure sensitive adhesive label paper standard (I)

chemical industry standard of the people's Republic of China

pressure sensitive adhesive label paper

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the product specification, quality grade, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage and other requirements of pressure sensitive adhesive label paper (hereinafter referred to as label paper)

this standard is applicable to pressure sensitive adhesive label paper based on all kinds of paper

2 reference standard

gb 191 pictorial signs for packaging, storage and transportation

gb 450 paper and paperboard samples

gb 451 paper and paperboard dimensions, skewness, quantification Thickness and tightness measurement method of developing advantages

GB 2792 pressure sensitive adhesive tape 180 peel strength measurement method

GB 4851 pressure sensitive adhesive tape retention adhesion test method

GB 4852 pressure sensitive adhesive tape initial adhesion test method (inclined rolling ball method)

GB 7125 pressure sensitive adhesive tape thickness measurement method eddy current method

3 product classification

3.1 label paper is divided into two categories: reel and flat sheet

the upper pressure plate is installed at the lower end of the screw of the beam. 3.2 the thickness of the label paper is the thickness of the base material and adhesive layer after removing the isolation paper, and its value is agreed by the supplier and the demander. The thickness limit deviation is 0.02mm

3.3 the width and limit deviation of web label paper shall comply with the provisions in Table 1; The length of roll label paper shall not be less than the corresponding value in Table 1

3.4 the number of joints of roll label paper is specified as: not more than 2 per 200m, and the joint spacing, angle and total thickness should comply with the provisions of Table 2

3.5 the size deviation and deflection of flat label paper shall comply with the provisions in Table 3. The size of flat label paper is expressed in width and length, and the specific value is determined by the contract between the supplier and the demander, that is, the nominal size in Table 3

special point 1 test completion 4 technical requirements

long time

4.1 appearance

pressure sensitive adhesive label paper products should be flat without wrinkles, stains, damages, powder dropping and other defects that affect the use, the film should be uniform without bubbles, stripes, glue overflow, roll products should be rolled firmly, without obvious curls and gaps, and the end face should be flat

4.2 the product performance index shall comply with the provisions of Table 4

4.3 printing suitability

pressure sensitive adhesive label paper for printing, and the printing results shall be consistent with the samples specified in the contract

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