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PVC film adhesive Standard

Ministry of chemical industry standard of the people's Republic of China

PVC film adhesive

PVC film adhesive is made of perchloroethylene resin dissolved in butyl acetate, ethyl acetate and other solvents, which is suitable for the bonding and repair of PVC film

I. technical requirements

1 Appearance color: colorless or yellowish uniform viscous liquid without mechanical impurities

2. Solid content,%:20 ± 2

3. Peel strength, kg/2.5cm: ≥ 1.5

II. Test method

4. Appearance

(1) instrument: conical flask with stopper, 250ml, 1

(2) determination method: put 100g of sample into a conical flask, plug it tightly, turn the flask upside down, and observe the thin layer of solution flowing down the bottle wall. It is qualified if there is no rubber block and mechanical impurities

5. Solid content

(1) instrument:

two weighing bottles

infrared oven 220v250w or 500W

electric constant temperature oven

one ten thousandth analytical balance sensitivity 0.000 1g

(2) determination method:

a. use two weighing bottles with known constant weight on the balance, weigh about 2g (accurate to 0.000 2G) samples respectively, and place the weighing bottles in the 100 ± 5 ℃ infrared oven (oven door micro).On) bake for 1.5h, Then move it to a 100 ℃ constant temperature oven for 2.5h, take it out and move it to a dryer for cooling. Weigh and calculate, and take the average value of two samples

b. place the weighed sample in a 100 ± 2 ℃ constant temperature oven for 4h, and then move it to the dryer for cooling. Weigh and calculate, and take the average value of the two samples (this method is only used when there is no infrared oven, and the electric heating wire of the oven cannot be exposed to avoid combustion)

c. juice calculation:

where: W - weight of sample and weighing bottle after drying, G

g - weight of sample and weighing bottle, G

W0 - weight of weighing bottle, G

6. peel strength:

(1) instrument and equipment: strength testing machine (load 0 ~ 50kg); PVC film test piece (46cm long, 2.5cm wide, 0.4mm thick); Brush or brush

(2) determination method:

peel strength: according to GB 532-76

preparation of test piece: take 5 pieces of the film carefully cut according to the specification, weigh them in turn, and then place them flat on the operating table. Dip the sample with a pen and apply it evenly on the film. The amount should be moderate, so that all the films are evenly applied to the thickness of the adhesive layer. After gelatinization, wait for the solvent to volatilize. When the film is not too sticky by hand, fold the film in half in turn and press it flat with force to prevent curling and cracking. Then weigh in turn, and the amount of glue applied at one time is about 0.4 ~ 0.7G. Finally, dry the bonded test piece in a dry and ventilated place for 24h

note: ① the test piece should be dry, clean and flat

② gluing and bonding require action to cultivate aluminum based new material industrial clusters quickly and accurately

③ 2cm is left at both ends of the test piece without gluing

III. acceptance rules

7. This product is accepted by the technical inspection department of the manufacturer according to this standard. Each batch of products shall be attached with quality certificate

8. Samples shall be taken from 5% of the total number of packages in each batch during acceptance. When the number of cases is small, the sampling shall not be less than 4 cases

9. Take 5 bottles from each box, and take 20g from each bottle evenly, so that the total weight of each sampling is not less than 400g, which is not ruled out by the investigators

10. evenly mix the samples, divide them into two copies from the national large-scale experimental machine manufacturer of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., put them into two clean and dry bottles with grinding plugs, and affix labels, indicating the product name, factory name, batch number and sampling date

11. One sample is analyzed by the laboratory, and the other sample is stored according to the storage conditions and storage period for repeated analysis and arbitration

12. if one sampling inspection is unqualified, double sampling shall be conducted for re inspection. If it is still unqualified, this batch of products is unqualified

IV. packaging, transportation and storage

13. This adhesive shall be contained in clean, dry, sealed containers with polyethylene plugs. The container is labeled with: product name, manufacturer name and production date

14. this adhesive should be stored in a dry, cool and heat-insulating warehouse. Many users should avoid considering the price of the pressure testing machine when purchasing the pressure testing machine, and often neglect its quality and price, which are often linked to avoid direct sunlight

15. under the condition of sealing the original bottle, the storage period is one year. If the product can still meet the quality indicators of this standard after the storage period, it is still qualified

16. During transportation, the products should be protected from rain and sunlight, and should comply with the relevant provisions of the transportation department for inflammables

issued by the Ministry of chemical industry of the people's Republic of China on April 1st, 1979 for Trial Implementation

Hangzhou Chemical Bureau proposed the drafting of Hangzhou Wanli chemical plant

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