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Standard for residential use of safety glass Mr. Wang: I heard that it is stipulated that safety glass must be used for exterior windows of high-rise buildings. How many floors or more? How to identify safety glass? If developers do not use safety glass as required, what should buyers do

safety glass must be used for opening windows outside buildings with seven floors and above.

engineer Cao Chunlai of Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute answers:

with the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, there are more and more types and functions of architectural glass. We are familiar with the traditional functions of glass, such as rain shelter, lighting, wind shelter, etc. in addition to the above basic functions, modern architectural glass also has sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, radiation protection Anti reflective and other functions

building glass is a brittle material, which is easy to be destroyed. After destruction, it will not only lose its building function, but also may cause direct harm to human body. We can often see some reports of glass falling from high altitude and injuring pedestrians. The safety performance of building glass is closely related to the personal safety of ordinary people, so both developers and quality inspection departments must check it well

the safety glass referred to in the regulations on the administration of building safety glass issued by the state is tempered glass, laminated glass and other glass products made of tempered glass or laminated glass, such as safety insulating glass, which meet the current national standards. It is specified that windows shall be opened outside buildings with 7 floors and above; Window glass with an area of more than 1.5 ㎡, or floor to ceiling windows whose bottom edge is less than 500mm from the final decoration surface; Curtain wall (except full glass curtain); Safety glass must be used in building parts such as handrails in stairs, balconies, platform corridors and atriums. In addition, in railway stations, bus stations, and public places where children are concentrated, safety glass should be used for doors and floor to ceiling windows even if they are lower than the seventh floor

how to identify safety glass

engineer Cao Chunlai answers:

safety glass can greatly reduce the damage compared with ordinary glass. For example, there is a film on laminated glass. Even if the broken PVB film will connect the fragments together in a spider shape, it will not collapse immediately; On the other hand, when the steel glass is broken, it is in the form of small obtuse angle particles, which is not as sharp as ordinary glass. Moreover, the safety glass also has many functions, such as anti-theft, fire prevention, heat protection, sound insulation and so on

at present, most residential doors and windows will use hollow laminated glass. For ordinary citizens, it is mainly from two aspects to identify whether the doors and windows in their homes use safety glass: first, with the naked eye, there are two layers of hollow laminated glass, the number of domestic floors is mainly 2 and 3, and the thickness of the original film is commonly used: 2 + 3, 3 + 3, 3 + 5 (mm), etc. The second is to look at the product report of glass, which has a detailed introduction of products and quality inspection instructions. Generally, the warranty period of safety glass is two years, and some with better quality have years. If the developer installs it uniformly, you can find the developer to repair different vacuum tubes of the electromechanical stator test system if there are quality problems. If you install it yourself, you can find the merchant or manufacturer for warranty

at present, ordinary residential frames and safety glass are often purchased in sets, with prices ranging from yuan/㎡. The more well-known manufacturers include Taiwan glass and China Southern glass, and Shandong is also a well-known glass producer in China. Now many doors and windows of high-end buildings will choose Low-E glass. Low-E glass, also known as low radiation glass, is a film product composed of multiple layers of metals or other compounds on the surface of the glass. This kind of product has outstanding performance in heat insulation, radiation protection, light transmittance and other aspects, and has become one of the most popular glass products at present

developers who steal work and materials can complain to the quality supervision station

Nanjing Construction and installation project quality supervision station reply:

according to the housing construction project completion acceptance system, the competent department does not directly carry out testing, and the housing is subject to four-way acceptance by the developer, the designer, the constructor and the supervisor, Then the engineering quality supervision station will record the results provided by the developers that the graphite ore reserves in China account for 75% of the world's total reserves

after the delivery of ordinary residential buildings, if the owner finds that the developer has not replaced the parts where safety glass must be installed in accordance with the relevant national regulations with ordinary glass, he can bring the "residential operation manual", "residential quality assurance", "completion acceptance filing form" and other documents to the quality supervision station to complain, and the supervision station will order the developer to rectify

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