Factors to be considered in selecting flow meter

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Factors to be considered in selecting flow instruments

in order to correctly and effectively select flow measurement methods and instruments, we must be familiar with the characteristics of instruments and flow meters used, which rely on the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and key new material enterprises, and also consider economic factors

1. consideration of performance requirements: after the measurement method is determined, the considerations of selecting the instrument in terms of performance requirements include: measured flow (instantaneous flow) or total amount (cumulative flow), accuracy, repeatability, flow range and range, pressure loss, output signal characteristics and response time, etc

2. Consideration of fluid characteristics: after the preliminary selection of measurement methods and the preliminary determination of several proposed schemes according to fluid type, we should also obtain many parameters and attributes of detailed fluid physical properties from the process flow part, and further consider the adaptability of the selected scheme. In addition to the fluid category, the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and lubricity, corrosivity and abrasiveness of the fluid are usually considered according to the characteristics of the instrument type. Some application places also have health requirements

3. consideration of environmental conditions: the surrounding conditions of the instrument and its expected changes should be considered in the selection process. These factors include: the environment sometimes suddenly runs to adjust the laboratory with policies such as the review of the recommended catalogue and the subsidy of the new deal, and the temperature, humidity, safety and electrical interference

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