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in 1978, like spring thunder waking up the earth, China began the historical journey of reform and opening up. By Invigorating the domestic economy and opening up to the outside world, China is showing the new style of this ancient oriental country to the world. The expanding pattern of opening to the outside world has attracted a large number of foreign-funded enterprises to enter China one after another

among them, caterpillar, which established business ties with China with President Nixon's ice breaking trip to China as early as 1979 before the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, is a pioneer

China's past

in 1975, caterpillar welcomed its first order before establishing an office in China. At that time, under the urgent domestic demand for construction machinery, China National Machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation and caterpillar quickly reached a purchase and sales agreement for 38 pipe hangers and related parts, and the first batch of products entered China and were applied to the oil system. Since then, caterpillar has been linked with the success and sustainable development of Chinese customers with solid and reliable product quality

in the tide of national revitalization of the economy, construction machinery has been rapidly applied to industrial and agricultural production, large-scale infrastructure and other fields, greatly improving productivity. In the late 1970s, China's rural areas were gradually revitalized, and caterpillar was at the right time to participate in the process of China's agricultural modernization and mechanization. Harbin agricultural reclamation farm, wearing a "Carter yellow" scraper and tractor rumble past, cultivating this fertile black land. Today, Heilongjiang agricultural reclamation area has become an important agricultural economic sector in China

in the mid-1980s, the focus of reform and practice was the brand of spring by spring fatigue testing machine, which to a certain extent represented the gradual shift of equipment quality from rural areas to cities. Attracting foreign capital flexibly and introducing foreign advanced technology can quickly fill the technological gap. At that time, caterpillar successively signed technical cooperation agreements with 12 construction machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, such as transmission systems, and began to produce licensed products. During this period, through the technology transfer of loader and bulldozer products, China's construction machinery industry received new product design and manufacturing technology, and the overall level of the industry was improved, which benefited many domestic leading enterprises

"caterpillar is the best and oldest friend in China's construction machinery industry." In 2015, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Caterpillar's development in China, Yang Hongqi, then president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, recalled, "Not only the first 12 cooperative enterprises under the agreement, but also a total of more than 40 host and supporting manufacturers have directly received free support from caterpillar in terms of products, technology and even management. Experts sent by caterpillar have even visited Angang and other iron and steel enterprises to provide guidance to Chinese enterprises from upstream material suppliers."

Chen Qihua, global vice president of caterpillar, said, "the 1980s was an era of great significance for caterpillar's development in China. We carried out a series of cooperation projects with the Chinese government and industry partners, which made a positive contribution to the start-up and upgrading of China's construction machinery manufacturing industry at that time."

based on China

on the good basis of technology and trade cooperation, since the mid-1990s, the national policy of "market leading enterprises" has been further clarified, and the infrastructure construction in various regions is also stepping up, and the demand for construction machinery is becoming increasingly urgent

under the upsurge of state-owned enterprise restructuring and investment attraction by local governments, caterpillar continues to implement the localization development strategy in China. In 1994, caterpillar was the first to set up a factory in Xuzhou. Two years later, Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing to support the growing business development and customer demand in China

in addition to building factories in China, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, caterpillar introduced its unique agent system into China at this time and built an agent network with four agents as the backbone. "From 1925 to now, agents have been important partners of caterpillar. No matter how the economic cycle fluctuates, caterpillar and agents are working together in the same boat and working towards common development," Chen Qihua said

for China's construction machinery industry at that time, this was a new business model. Its introduction played a positive role in stimulating the vitality of the market at that time. Caterpillar continues to incorporate the concept of sustainability into this positive cooperation mechanism: agents provide caterpillar with real feedback from the market and customers, while caterpillar provides all-round services for agents and Chinese users from many aspects, such as capital, operation training, maintenance and repair

Hu Yifei is a salesman of lixingxing machinery (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. From an ordinary driver to a machine salesman, he has faced many challenges. At every construction site, he has to carefully record and consult to make up for the lack of equipment and construction knowledge, and does not miss any caterpillar product training. After years of training, he has forged a deep friendship with many customers, and the caterpillar excavators he sells exceed 100 every year

it is countless agent employees like Hu Yifei that connect caterpillar and the Chinese market. For more than 40 years, under this benign cooperation mode, caterpillar has constantly adjusted itself to better meet the needs of the Chinese market and customers - with the vigorous development of China's infrastructure, this demand will become more diversified

comprehensive sustainability

entering the new century, China has entered a new period of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The cause of reform is more perfect, and economic efficiency is no longer the only indicator. The sustainable development path of production development, affluent life and good ecology is becoming the consensus of the whole people

For more than 40 years, caterpillar has continuously improved its business system based on the changes in the Chinese market, and the entire value chain has been continuously extended from R & D, manufacturing and diversified services. From 1994 to 2018, caterpillar has successively established nearly 20 manufacturing plants, covering complete machines, key components and engines, set up R & D centers, and introduced three major services of remanufacture, financial leasing and logistics into the Chinese market, building a complete business model

In 2009, the first phase of Caterpillar's global integrated R & D center in Wuxi was put into operation. This is caterpillar's most important R & D center in the world except the United States, which undertakes the important tasks of localization support for foreign R & D projects and local R & D innovation cooperation. In 2017, the world's first new generation of intelligent excavator manufactured by caterpillar Xuzhou factory was officially launched, and caterpillar China R & D center played an important role in the design process

in addition, with the incorporation of circular economy into national regulations, remanufacture characterized by core recycling and energy-saving production has become an advanced form of circular economy. In 2005, caterpillar remanufacturing industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. Through the "core deposit" return mechanism to encourage users to return "core", caterpillar began to promote and develop the remanufacturing industry in China. In 2018, whether there is an effective distribution order in the whole process of the second software closed-loop control system, caterpillar recycled more than 150million pounds of waste parts worldwide, and maintained the circulation of non renewable resources in multiple life cycles through remanufacture

in recent years, adhering to the concept of sustainable development, caterpillar has continued to implement the "smart factory" project in China, using innovative intelligent management methods to reduce resource waste, improve product quality, and improve the work safety and health of employees. In 2015, caterpillar Xuzhou factory completed 27 "smart factory" projects a year, saving 115000 cubic meters of natural gas and 5.57 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and reducing 4300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions

at present, caterpillar is no longer a traditional product manufacturing and sales company. Through the continuous investment in a wide range of interconnected equipment foundation and excellent construction technology, caterpillar is working with agents to provide customers with expanding digital services by using digital technology, big data analysis, driverless technology, e-commerce platforms, etc. Caterpillar sees more possibilities in the service-oriented manufacturing industry that provides diversified services and all-round innovative solutions

while caterpillar actively promotes industrial upgrading, the caterpillar foundation is committed to supporting sustainable development in communities in three areas: environmental protection, education and basic human needs. In schools in rural areas where drinking water is difficult, the caterpillar Foundation helps transform water supply and sanitation facilities to improve the quality of drinking water in rural schools. The caterpillar foundation also actively promotes educational poverty alleviation projects. At the same time, the caterpillar foundation actively participates in disaster preparedness and prevention. From 2015 to 2018, the foundation invested about 53million yuan in China to support a number of public welfare projects

for more than 40 years, the bright "Carter yellow" has been indispensable in the construction sites of the Three Gorges Dam, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other major projects, as well as important venues such as the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo. With the further development of China's economy and society, caterpillar is also constantly extending the value chain of sustainable development. As Chen Qihua, vice president of caterpillar worldwide, said, "caterpillar has developed in China for more than 40 years, and we are proud of this. We will continue to develop successfully in China to better support customers, and will also work with Chinese customers and partners to pursue long-term sustainable development."

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