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Explore the innovative road of FRP/composite materials

how to give full play to its unique characteristics and become a good medicine for civil engineering repair and construction engineering life extension? How to become the backbone of infrastructure construction? How to play a big role in the application of Nanotechnology? This is the research and development direction and hot issue of FRP/composites. Recently, more than 160 FRP industry experts, professors and scientific researchers gathered in Bincheng Dalian. At the 14th annual FRP/composite academic conference, relevant experts made a special report on these hot issues, and released the production raw materials of highly reliable FRP/composite products that can make full use of the high degree of computer standardization, strong compatibility, rich software resources, real-time operation function and PLC The latest experimental results of technology, etc. were read out

although the FRP/composite industry is a small industry in China's material industry, "said Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries and director of the Department of science, technology and equipment, in order to be safe, FRP/composite has made great contributions to the development of China's building materials, military industry and aerospace industry after the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the important role of FRP/Composites in construction engineering has become increasingly prominent. Many experts, scholars and researchers inside and outside the industry have made unremitting research and Practice on the application of FRP/composite materials in the field of building construction from the aspects of raw material preparation, production technology and product application. At the national FRP/composite academic annual meeting, yueqingrui, director of the Engineering Structure Research Institute of the general Architectural Research Institute of the metallurgical industry association and executive deputy director of the national industrial building diagnosis and Reconstruction Engineering Technology Research Center, and Kong Qingbao, a professor level senior engineer of Harbin FRP Research Institute, respectively introduced the application of high-performance composites in civil engineering repair, road, bridge and port infrastructure construction at home and abroad, It's refreshing

nanotechnology, which originated in the field of metals and ceramics, has quickly become popular all over the country in recent years. Zhang Chaocan, an expert present at the meeting and professor of the Department of polymer at Wuhan University of technology, analyzed the key research of nanotechnology in FRP/composites, and called for a scientific and calm treatment of nanotechnology and nano phenomena. At the meeting, Professor zhangzuoguang from the school of materials, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, brought the latest research results of FRP/composite materials in China's aerospace field; Xue, an expert of the National 863 research group and vice president of Beijing FRP Research and Design Institute, the large-scale implementation of this technology may bring hope to the remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil. Zhongmin introduced the advanced resin injection process

the national FRP/composite academic annual meeting is held every two years. This academic annual meeting was jointly sponsored by China Silicate Society and Beijing FRP Research and Design Institute. 91 papers written by researchers were received at the meeting, of which more than 80 were selected and compiled into a volume. More than 160 scientific researchers from universities, scientific research institutes and production enterprises inside and outside the FRP/composite industry attended the meeting. They also discussed the scientific research situation and existing problems of the industry. They agreed that only by strengthening the scientific and technological innovation ability of scientific research institutions and production enterprises, strengthening basic theoretical research, and developing low-cost, high-performance and high-quality FRP/composite products, can the challenge of FRP/composite industry participating in international competition become an opportunity for rapid development of the industry after China's entry into WTO

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