Factors to be considered in the selection of the h

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Factors to be considered in the selection of drying device

1 Physical and chemical properties of materials -- morphology, water content, water containing property, crystalline water, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, heat sensitivity, softening point, phase change point, thixotropy, toxicity, corrosion, odor, flammability, explosive, electrostatic, permeability, agglomeration, and the grindability of crystals or particles

2. Drying characteristics of materials -- under the proposed drying conditions, there are drying curves, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content of 8 experimental formulas

3. Drying output requirements and long-term planning

4. The influence of material commodity value and drying effect on it. Such as product moisture, pollution, temperature, wear, pulverization, crushing, rehydration And so on

5. Requirements for material recovery rate. The next morning, I still came to the meeting on time

6 The upper and lower processes of material drying process. (involving the state method of feeding and discharging)

7 Past drying methods of materials or similar products. 1. Silver nanowires

8 Available heat sources (coal, fuel oil, electricity, gas, liquefied gas, natural gas)

9 Whether there are special requirements for the size of the installation site

10. Environmental protection requirements -- for dust emission, noise, vibration, odor, volatile matter And so on

11. The amount of possible purchase funds, local labor, land and energy prices

12. The level of operators and maintenance ability of users. The consequences will be troublesome

13 Local annual average temperature and humidity

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