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The method of packaging creative expression

first of all, highlight the characteristics: different products have different characteristics. This characteristic is often the personality of an enterprise and its products that is different from other enterprises and products, reflecting the differences between this product and other similar products. The attraction of enterprises' products to consumers often lies not in their commonness, but in their individual characteristics. For example, McDonald's and KFC have their own consumer groups. Their products are common and different, but consumers go to McDonald's more to eat hamburgers: go to KFC more to eat chicken wings. Consumers eat their own cola drinks instead of the cola drinks they all have in 2010

secondly, consumption positioning: the appeal object of the packaging image is the identification group and influence group of the product, and it is the ultimate consumer of the enterprise's products. When designing creatively, designers must be clear about who the product is sold to. This is a positioning design with the theme of specific consumer groups of products. Consumer groups can be divided according to age, gender, country, culture, class and other aspects. Different products face different consumer groups. Therefore, only by thinking about the specific consumer groups faced by products, can design have a direct effect, shorten the distance between products and consumers, and produce a sense of affinity

third, emphasize brand: different products have different brands and commodity names. Personalized brand image is a powerful weapon to occupy the market. New products often win the favor of consumers with the help of innovative new images. For example, the "best of both worlds" wine packaging I designed lacks personality in the original packaging and brand fonts of the enterprise, which is not very marketable in the market. When redesigning the packaging, I made a special design for the font of the brand "zuoyoufengyuan wine". Because the product name is five words, too many words and strokes are too messy and not easy to deal with, I chose the most important word "left and right" at the beginning as the design. It is more important to stay away from the source of fire and cut people. The word "left and right" is written in calligraphy to reflect the concept of traditional wine culture. At the same time, the spacing and size of "left and right" are dealt with in a row. Make it have the characteristics of sign form. It has achieved the visual effect of emphasizing and highlighting the brand

fourth, we should use the least investment: get the maximum return. This is the business creed, and the performance of design can also use this theory. But what is less in the design is the result of a large number of ideas in the early stage and the filtering of a variety of schemes. It is to take the essence of packaging graphics and words, take one as ten, absorb the main colors and simple arrangement of packaging, and the clear and simple packaging picture, which makes people feel noble, elegant and fashionable. Extremely little is sometimes better than cumbersome much. This kind of little is not a simple thing, but a high degree of concentration after refining and generalization

fifth grasp: packaging design is a practical visual art, which has the duality of function and art. In order to achieve strong artistic appeal, all other visual art forms can be its means of expression, and the unique artistic expression of various painting languages is to convey commodity information. It's a great idea to use the oil paintings of famous painters to decorate the paint packaging

the sixth is to encounter but not to seek: in real life, some things can be encountered but not expected, and the random and accidental performance of packaging design is also similar. For example, the performance of the abstract mechanism of packaging shading is the application of an accidental form. The accidental form is formed by natural coincidence, which is unpredictable and cannot be set in advance, such as the form of ink infiltration, the form of smoke and cloud floating, and the accidental form produced by the random production of computer filters, all of which have the chance and complexity that cannot be repeated. Generally, it is the result of natural action, which is unpredictable and spontaneous. Although the accidental shape is vague, its charm is often unique to Superman, which can be met but not sought. It is also one of the commonly used methods for packaging design to pursue novel visual images

seventh addition and subtraction: one of the symbols of the highest state of art is subtraction. The same is true of the packaging design of Chinese painting, which advocates "meaning cannot be reached by the pen". In particular, the performance of graphics cannot be comprehensive. We should take its essence and express it in the most concise visual language

strategic design concept is a new commercial design concept. It is the product of market economy and a brand-new design concept that makes designers truly go to the market and is recognized by the market

general excellent graphic design problems need to have the following skills: 1. Operating skills of design software. 2. Grasp and apply color. 3. Ability to conceive and create graphics. 4. Master printing related knowledge. The strategic design concept will have higher requirements for many foreign customers of our company to visit our company all year round. They must not only have the above skills, but also be a market analyst and planner, understand marketing, and have unique strategic ideas on the image promotion of products and enterprises. They are both artists and planners. At present, many companies provide various services for enterprises, including advertising companies, public relations companies, planning and consulting companies, design studios, market survey companies, etc. The division of labor in society is becoming more and more refined, which makes enterprises hesitant when choosing cooperative companies. Some enterprises have "detailed division of labor and multi head cooperation", and choose what kind of company for what kind of needs, resulting in high costs; Some choose a company to act as an overall agent, which will result in "putting eggs in one basket", and the services obtained may not be satisfactory. The concept of strategic design plays a good role in the process of enterprise market operation. Strategic design is a comprehensive service mode. For services, design is no longer a separate operation, but the result of more other departments' participation and integration. The design works submitted to customers are based on the overall mechanism of information - market - Analysis - positioning - reflection. Strategic design is no longer simply the implementation of a creative idea or a part of a series of projects, but to participate in the discussion and demonstration of the project, and make full use of design expertise to establish a good image for the enterprise. The importance of vision is mentioned again because in the era of planning all over the world, people once again ignore the visual image of products and the overall image of enterprises. It seems that the products have achieved success in the market, which puts forward requirements for the joint cooperation of tensile testing machine enterprises. It is only because of the great creativity of planners, which ignores other factors

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