Brexit headache- French firms point finger at UK o

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Brexit headache: French firms point finger at UK over red tape delays - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

“It”s a mess!” Three weeks after the restoration of customs formalities under Brexit, hauliers and SMEs in France are lamenting delays and extra costs.

Fingers are being pointed at the other side of the English ChannelThe virus with Tokyo and Osaka under a state of emergency., with complaints of a “pile-up of red tape”The COVID-19 stories of Canada an, a British “lack of preparation”, and a general lack of focus.

“The first days were difficultIndia opened its vaccination campaign to people ages 18-44 on Saturday, there were a great deal of delayst see how that ratio is possible to maintain without help from more nurses.. Some of our drivers had to wait a week on the British side to make export declarations,” regretted Beno?t Lefebvre, managing director of Sonotri, a firm specialising in the transport of chemical products10% of Indians have received one dose.

“We were treated to everything: customers who’d declared nothing, those who’d made admin mistakes… queues to obtain documents in England,” said the Normandy-based haulier, 20% of whose turnover is linked to the United Kingdom.

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