Precautions for choosing whole wood customized fur

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Precautions for choosing whole wood customized furniture

precautions for choosing whole wood customized furniture

nowadays, whole wood customized furniture is quite popular, and the number of merchants selling whole wood customized furniture in the market has also increased significantly. At the same time, some customized furniture manufacturers with incomplete after-sales guarantee system have gradually exposed some problems, which often hurt consumers, such as "return without change", "pay the full amount when placing an order", "wrong goods", etc. Therefore, consumers should first do their homework when choosing customized furniture,. The old carpenter reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points

first: customized furniture is a more creative fashion product. Each piece of furniture should integrate more modern elements and inject extraordinary connotation. The core of customization should be design. Some businesses in the market sell whole wood customized furniture, but in fact, they only make some changes to the size of the furniture according to the requirements of the owner. This so-called "whole wood customized furniture" is neither fashionable nor rich in connotation, but its sales price is much higher than ordinary furniture. In order to ensure that you can buy genuine products, you should first choose some brands that specialize in selling whole wood customized furniture. Moreover, we should carefully understand the scale of merchants, the quality of design teams and other information

second: in order to avoid the occurrence of "wrong goods", consumers must carefully communicate with designers before placing orders. In order to promote business, some designers often urge consumers to place an order as soon as possible, but consumers must not be anxious at this time. As a consumer of customized furniture, he must spend more time exchanging views with his family, carefully consider all the details of the furniture, and then communicate with the designer and carefully verify the furniture drawings, and sign for confirmation after ensuring that they are correct. Because of the particularity of the whole wood customized furniture, it is difficult to change the order once the consumer determines the order

third: after the merchant delivers the goods to the home, the consumer needs to carefully inspect the goods. What needs to be inspected is not only the structure and color of the product, but also whether the material used to make the product, the thickness of the cabinet door, hardware accessories, etc. are consistent with the contract. If it is found that the product is inconsistent with the contract, the consumer should communicate with the business in a timely manner and safeguard their rights through legal channels when necessary

the old carpenter customized furniture series products with whole wood, and the first promised "double compensation for product cracking and deformation!" A reliable guarantee system is the solid backing of consumers

the above is what the old carpenter should pay attention to when choosing whole wood customized furniture "If you don't know much about the whole wood customized furniture, please consult the customer service of the old carpenter's official website.

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