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With the continuous progress of society, there are countless door and window manufacturers of large and small in China's door and window industry, and the degree of enterprise development is uneven. With the development of the situation, some enterprises will inevitably be unable to continue to adapt to the market and will be eliminated. The degree of competition between the enterprises that have survived can be imagined

in fact, for door and window enterprises, if they want to be invincible in the competition, they must take the road of brand. However, in the development of the door and window industry in the past two years, more and more enterprises not only pay attention to their own software construction, but also tend to hardware construction - factory construction. Many enterprises also believe that factory construction is essential for the sustainable development of door and window enterprises in the future, especially for those enterprises that have done or will do export, the road of factory construction must be taken

at present, people have entered a new era of knowledge economy. In such a rapidly changing era, the demand for social knowledge and intellectual capital is stronger than any other era, and the competition between markets is also more intense. After China's accession to the WTO, multinational companies have also stepped up their penetration into China's market and industry. This internationalization of domestic competition makes the development situation of the industry more severe. In such an environment, the development of Chinese door and window enterprises is also facing pressure

the previous approach of "attracting investment first, and then laying the foundation" has become unworkable. Now it pursues "lay a good foundation, and then talk about attracting investment". The "show" without strength and connotation can only attract people's attention for a while, and cannot stand the test of time. Therefore, for enterprises, we must first stabilize the rear forces - strengthen the construction of production bases, create good hardware conditions, and a stable rear line is the key to victory




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