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Now, the house price is very expensive. If you buy a house with a small square meter, where can you put the furniture? Originally, the space is narrow. With another wardrobe, cloakroom or something, there is no place to walk

now, house prices are expensive. If you buy a house with a small square meter, where will you put the furniture? Originally, the space is narrow. With another wardrobe, cloakroom or something, there is no place to walk. However, at present, when some houses are built, they will leave a number of concave or protruding areas, even triangular corners. Changing these difficult areas of internal decoration into cloakrooms can often turn shortcomings into advantages and become the highlight of decoration design

form of cloakroom

at present, the popular cloakroom mainly has the following forms:

open cloakroom

this cloakroom is suitable for young people who want to solve all functions in a large space. But even the open type should have a certain degree of privacy, so as not to make the large space appear too messy

a better form is to use an empty wall for storage, which is not completely enclosed. The advantage is good ventilation and spacious. However, the disadvantage is poor dust prevention, so dust prevention is the key attention of this kind of cloakroom. Dust covers can be used to hang clothes and boxes can be used to stack clothes. For the convenience of distinguishing, some signs can be added. If more drawers and cabinets are set, it will be more practical

independent cloakroom

independent cloakroom has high requirements for residential area. Only by setting up an independent cloakroom in a spacious space, can it be both aesthetic and practical. The independent cloakroom is characterized by good dust prevention, complete storage space and sufficient dressing space, so it is required to have sufficient lighting in the room

embedded cloakroom

this cloakroom is an expedient measure, which saves area, has high space utilization, and is easy to keep clean. Generally speaking, if you can find a space with an area of more than 4 square meters at home, you can consider asking a professional furniture factory to make several groups of wardrobe doors and internal partitions according to the space shape, and make them into an embedded cloakroom, which becomes a space for storing clothes

cloakroom layout

how to layout the cloakroom at home to avoid abruptness? The reporter consulted several professional designers, who put forward the following layout suggestions

for rooms with large area, it is better to connect the master bedroom and the bathroom with a cloakroom. It can greatly release the functionality of the cloakroom. The home with spacious bathroom can use its entrance to make a row of wardrobes, and then set up large-area dressing glasses to extend vision, making daily life more convenient and fast. If the bedroom happens to have a mezzanine layout, you can use the mezzanine to make a simple cloakroom with corridor stairs. The ingenious spacing makes full use of every corner of the space

according to the existing spatial pattern, the internal form of the cloakroom is mostly U-shaped; The parallel arrangement of narrow and long shape is better; Wide and long, suitable for L-shaped layout

cloakroom design ideas

generally speaking, reasonable clothing storage arrangements and spacious dressing space are the overall design principles of cloakroom. The cloakroom can be fully configured by the furniture manufacturer, or it can be made with the overall design of the room during decoration. In order to save space, the door is mostly designed as a push-pull type, and the wardrobe inside is generally not used as a door, or a dust-proof door is made of transparent glass, so that it is easy to see at a glance when selecting clothes

generally speaking, the area of the cloakroom should be more than 4 square meters. Only in this way can we guarantee enough space for the owner to move. According to the category of clothes, the cloakroom is divided into hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, footwear area and bedding area

it should be noted that for the independent cloakroom, the lighting, tone and other elements should be reasonably arranged in the design, so that it can not only integrate into the overall indoor style, but also maintain its own unique mood. At present, many people's cloakrooms are mostly transformed from rooms with low utilization, which requires the professional advice of designers. Professionals suggest that it is best to consider the cloakroom as a specific space before home decoration, and then design it according to the overall light, tone and material collocation

in addition to some basic cabinets, the furniture placed in the cloakroom can also introduce some new hardware such as rotary clothes hangers, tie hangers, lower hanging rods, built-in inclined shoe hangers, among which the rotary clothes hangers are more popular in China in recent years. It not only saves space, but also has a large storage and hanging capacity, which is 2 to 3 times that of traditional clothes cabinets




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