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the competition in the door and window market is becoming increasingly fierce. Many door and window dealers discount their products as soon as they encounter competition; Or hold an evasive attitude and blindly rely on door and window manufacturers; What's more, change careers directly. This is a performance of daring to challenge, which is not conducive to the long-term development of door and window dealers. Therefore, if the store management wants to survive in the door and window market, it is very important for the door and window dealers to have a good attitude, which is also an important factor to determine whether the dealers can continue to survive in the market

the operation of dealers is becoming increasingly difficult

at present, the competition in the door and window industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the operation of door and window dealers is becoming more and more difficult

it is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the operating cost increases rapidly, and various expenses are faced every day; It is more difficult to manage employees, so it is not easy to recruit. The post-90s employees are more unpredictable, and the turnover rate has soared; The market price is getting lower and lower, and consumers have too many choices, entering the red sea of price competition; The support and rebate of manufacturers have declined sharply, and the support of door and window manufacturers is not as strong as before; Sales are not up, sales are difficult to increase or even decline, profits are as thin as paper, and even losses; Online sales are increasingly threatening physical channels, and the popularity of e-commerce directly affects the living space

door and window dealers need to straighten out their mentality

1. Get rid of the directional thinking of price war

at present, door and window dealers immediately discount their products when they encounter fierce market competition. However, industry insiders pointed out that discounting is largely a suicide

most door and window dealers are allowed to promote the order volume by offering a variety of discounts. For dealers with a gross profit rate of only 10% and a net sales profit rate of only 2%, the additional 2% discount will force the gross profit rate to drop from 10% to 8% and the net sales profit rate to drop from 2% to 0, thereby erasing the net profit. Therefore, for door and window dealers, discount is a suicidal behavior, and they should get rid of the directional thinking of price war

2. Get rid of dependency thoughts

competition must be dangerous for the weak, but it must be a golden opportunity for the strong! It is the best opportunity to defeat the competitors. In the market competition, door and window dealers are often prone to phenomena: relying on manufacturers' promotion, training, market development, advertising and subsidies...

when dependence becomes a habit, they lose their independent ability. Door and window dealers should not rely on the manufacturer to help you solve the problem, because these practices cannot guarantee whether the manufacturer can really help you solve the problem

3. Get rid of evasive psychology

throughout the door and window industry, there are countless dealers who choose to change careers as soon as they encounter competition. Changing careers means that the industry resources accumulated in the past few years or even decades have no value

product knowledge, sales network, customer resources, regional brands, etc., these hard-working capital that spent time and energy instantly came to naught, and it is even more difficult to re-establish such resources, which is almost impossible in the case of being separated from each other. Therefore, under the intense market competition, door and window dealers should be firm and never escape, because it is not conducive to their long-term development to easily change careers


in a word, for door and window dealers, the change of mindset will determine the success or failure in the door and window market, so it is very important to have a good mindset. Only when the first step is taken, it is possible to transform to a new type of dealer and continue to make profits in the future

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