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It's late autumn and September, and the weather is getting cooler. I believe many decoration owners have started work at home, right? In the early stage of decoration, various decoration companies with high cost performance and various preferential building materials have made the owners painstaking, but they can't relax. There are still many matters that need more attention in the decoration process, such as second-hand charges. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network reminds all owners and friends not to think that finding a favorite decoration company can be a shopkeeper. The secondary charges in the middle and late stages of decoration are endless, and carelessness is easy to be cheated

secondary charge for smoke machine and stove

charge items: smoke pipe lengthening

the installation position of smoke machine is generally a certain distance from the public flue. The length of the smoke pipe provided by the manufacturer as standard is about 1.5 m to 2 M. because the pipe route is to go up to the ceiling and then turn a corner to the flue. In most cases, it is not enough. It is necessary to buy a certain length of smoke pipe from the installer

but the editor of Wuhan home decoration network must remind everyone that if the smoke machine is far from the flue, there may be a problem of poor smoke exhaust effect, so when designing the kitchen, the straight-line distance between the smoke machine and the smoke pipe is best within 2 meters





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