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Jetbrand and prospect cloud make the meeting simpler

case background: in recent years, the cooperation between enterprises has become more and more in-depth, and it is more and more important to hold office meetings to discuss specific cooperation issues. For such meetings, the most important thing is how to effectively avoid noise and echo, ensure the sound amplification effect, improve the clarity of sound, and make every participant hear it clearly. In order to enable participants to get a better communication experience, choosing a conference loudspeaker with excellent performance will undoubtedly achieve twice the result with half the effort

foreground cloud Communication Co., Ltd. is one of the important customers of Jabra speak series solutions. It is the only high-tech service provider in the domestic high-definition video industry with IDC/ISP/domestic multi-party communication operator qualification, software and hardware design, production and solution integration. It is mainly engaged in the construction and operation of the Internet high-definition video interactive communication service platform, and has high requirements for communication solutions

in order to better expand the R & D and production business of video conference products, foreground cloud Communication Co., Ltd. always carefully selects the accessories of each part and strives to provide customers with comprehensive product solutions. For video conference products, the sound transmission components can not be ignored. In order to match the most appropriate accessories, the company carefully compared the products on the market, and finally Jabra became its partner with outstanding sound quality. After in-depth communication and multi-party discussion with Jabra sales personnel, foreground cloud Communication Co., Ltd. finally chose Jabra speak510 and Jabra speak810 hands-free speakers

jabra speak 810

jabra speak 510

as a global communication and audio solution provider, Jabra is also the leader of international professional conference solutions, which really brought a surprise to prospect cloud Communication Co., Ltd. Jabra speak series products are specially designed for open office meetings, using powerful sound raising equipment and intelligent directional microphone technology focusing on human voice - zoomtalktm. In addition, it has multiple connection options, which can be applied to various intelligent devices and realize the integration with all communication platforms. At the same time, its appearance design is simple and fashionable, which is very consistent with the requirements of the conference; The performance is stable and reliable, and the audio pickup and playback are very clear, which can fully ensure the conference quality; In terms of operation, it is also very convenient to connect the conference terminal with USB and wireless Bluetooth. Jabra speak 510 is very popular with customers who often need to hold small meetings; With professional office audio solutions and hearing diagnosis technology, Jabra speak 810 has a very powerful sound raising effect. It can provide a meeting with clear sound and no background noise for participants with an area of 10 square meters, whose fundamental task is to "make" two characters of 0 square meters, and 15 or more. The new gasket attached to the experimental machine should be used to install a good discussion environment, which highly meets the requirements of customers for holding multi person office meetings. Customers can start professional audio quality video conference within a few seconds, which obviously saves time and improves work efficiency. As a result, after the fracture of the foreground cloud communication sample, the adhesion between the company and users has become increasingly close, and the company's performance has also made new development

series products have greatly improved the quality and market competitiveness of products of prospect cloud Communication Co., Ltd. Wu Jiang, the chief engineer of the company, is very satisfied with this and looks forward to further cooperation with Jabra. He said: it would be better if Jabra could develop products with multi-level series or multiple extended microphone pickup modes according to the pickup and amplification needs of large conference rooms in China. In this way, the cooperation between the two sides will be further improved

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