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Jietong Huasheng has built an intelligent outbound robot for a well-known domestic fund company. According to the regulations of the financial regulatory authority, in the process of fund purchase and insurance insurance, the fund and insurance enterprise must return to the application unit after the buyer's cooling off period without refueling for confirmation, so as to ensure that the buyer fully understands the transaction content and risks. This has effectively prevented misleading and impulsive investment and protected the rights and interests of consumers. However, a large number of return visits have also brought huge operating costs to enterprises

recently, Jietong Huasheng has built a Lingyun intelligent outbound robot system for a domestic well-known fund company ranking the top five in China. After the completion of phase I of the project, the outbound call robot can actively outbound call to complete the fund risk explanation, the guidance of the advantages of the electronic testing machine of the failure process solver in terms of performance, the risk level confirmation, etc., which not only saves hundreds of manual seats for the enterprise, but also greatly improves the efficiency and quality of the return visit

robot: Hello! I am the service assistant of XX fund. Are you Mr. Zhang San

buyer: Yes, what can I do for you

robot: Thank you for purchasing our products. Do you fully understand the risks of this product

buyer: I'd like to know if I need money urgently and need to withdraw cash in advance. Is there any risk in the capital

robot: you are talking about liquidity risk. This product is an open-ended hybrid continuous sale fund, and the liquidity risk of the product is very low.

during the robot's return visit, accurate recognition of customer words and accurate understanding of customer intentions are the key to smooth interaction

in many fields, such as wireless communication, networking, radar and imaging, the speech recognition party relies on a large number of applications in financial call centers to continuously optimize core algorithms with data. The accuracy of 8K (channel) speech recognition is at the top level in China. At the same time, Jietong Huasheng provides the enterprise with voice model optimization services in the professional field to further improve the voice recognition rate of the channel

in terms of semantic understanding, through the application accumulation of Jietong Huasheng in hundreds of enterprises in the field of intelligent customer service, Lingyun semantic understanding technology is fully equipped with the functions of context semantic analysis, fuzzy problem guidance, relevant problem recommendation, sensitive vocabulary recognition, intelligent correction, such as hydraulic errors, multiple rounds of intelligent interaction, etc

top AI technology ensures the smoothness of voice interaction. In terms of interactive content, Jietong Huasheng has put all return visit business logic into the robot's knowledge base, designed rigorous and deep-seated scene type multi round dialogues, so that the robot can accurately respond on various business nodes, answer questions in a standard and standardized manner, and efficiently complete various types of return visits

during the return visit, Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot can accurately record the customer's words and form a customer return visit questionnaire database. Based on these massive questionnaire data, fund companies can understand the risk problems that customers are worried about, the types of funds they are concerned about, as well as the feedback on products and suggestions on services, so as to help fund companies deeply grasp the needs of customers and optimize their products and services

including the customer return visit service for the fund company, Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot has been applied to financial loan payment, insurance underwriting, real estate promotion and other fields. While improving the customer service efficiency and quality of the enterprise, it has greatly reduced the human cost and management cost, helping the enterprise to succeed in the fierce business competition

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