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Jietong Huasheng has entered the intelligent self-service terminal industry market

in the era of intelligent everything, the intelligent self-service terminal will continue to replace people to people service and become a window for people to live, consume and handle public formalities

recently, Jietong Huasheng and Hongtai jointly established Beijing Jietong Hongtai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jietong Hongtai), a holding subsidiary, to jointly enter the intelligent self-service terminal market. Jietong Hongtai will apply Lingyun artificial intelligence technology to produce a new generation of intelligent self-service terminals with biological authentication, voice navigation, OCR intelligent recognition and other functions, which will widely serve government departments, enterprises and institutions such as land, taxation, customs, hotels, social security, banking, telecommunications, transportation, electric power and so on

strong forces join hands to create a new generation of intelligent self-service terminals

the joint venture jetton Hongtai will give full play to the leading technical advantages of jetton Huasheng in the field of artificial intelligence, make full use of the powerful strength of Hongtai in the production and development of software and hardware of self-service terminal equipment, and jointly create more powerful and A new generation of intelligent self-service terminals with more convenient use:

biometric authentication: cross check users' natural attributes with face recognition, voiceprint recognition and fingerprint recognition; The ID card reading module is used to read the social attributes of users to ensure the integration of people and cards, which greatly improves the security level of self-service equipment and makes self-service financial services and government services more secure

voice navigation: through the application of AI technologies such as Lingyun microphone array and voice interaction, the intelligent terminal can speak and listen, think and judge. Users can handle or consult services through voice dialogue. For example, if I want to give money to my son, the self-service opportunity will automatically jump to the transfer interface; Ask what financial products are available, and provide self-service opportunities to list qualified products with financial difference within ± 1 and provide investment suggestions

ocr intelligent recognition: the application of Lingyun OCR and handwriting recognition technology has made great progress and breakthrough in China's plastic extruder market. For example, when the financial personnel go to the tax bureau to verify the invoice, they can take high-powered photos through the camera and directly extract the tax invoice number using OCR technology; The paper certificates of citizens in the process of handling government procedures can be directly scanned and entered by the terminal; When information input is required, users can also use handwriting recognition to quickly complete the input

join hands with industrial partners to share the huge market opportunity of intelligent self-service terminals

compared with people-to-people service, self-service terminals have many advantages: it saves personnel investment and costs less; Convenient placement makes it easier for users to handle business; Unified cloud management, more comprehensive information update and data collection. This not only greatly reduces the marketing and service costs, but also effectively improves the customer satisfaction and loyalty to ensure the safety of the experimental process

at present, the demand of domestic self-service terminal market continues to expand, and self-service terminal equipment has begun to enter many consumption and social service fields on a large scale, involving more than 20 industries, such as retail, tourism, telecommunications, medical care, gambling, government affairs, fast food, postal service, exhibition, Museum, insurance, entertainment, education, etc., with a huge market space

in the era of Internet of all things and intelligence of all things, the intelligent self-service terminal will become the main window for people to obtain services and handle business. Jietong Huasheng will, as always, adhere to the development concept of win-win cooperation, and sincerely invite partners in land, taxation, customs, hotels, social security, banking, telecommunications, transportation, power and other industries to share opportunities, jointly promote the popularization and application of the new generation of intelligent terminal equipment in the country, and create more ease and convenience for people's life and work

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