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Jietong Huasheng Lingyun voice service JD mall and Ctrip recently, Jietong Huasheng announced that it would provide voice recognition technology services for JD mall through the Lingyun platform. Users can get the corresponding services through voice preparation in advance. Not only can the operation experience be fast and efficient, but also the humanized intelligent interaction can arouse users' expectations. After Jietong Huasheng provided Ctrip with Lingyun voice synthesis technology service, it once again worked with Internet enterprises to improve and improve the user experience with its unique voice interaction ability

in the cooperation with JD mall, Jietong Huasheng provides JD mall app with Lingyun voice recognition technology, which can recognize users' voice and convert the recognized voice information into text content, so that JD users can complete charging, shopping and other operations in the form of voice dictation, providing convenient services for users. The accurate and efficient features of Lingyun speech recognition also make it another value-added means for Internet and mobile Internet enterprises

as the first enterprise in China to study speech technology, Chinese speech synthesis technology is in an absolute leading position in China, with a market share of more than 50%. For more than a decade, Jietong Huasheng has always insisted on independent research on artificial intelligence technologies such as speech synthesis and speech recognition, and has continuously introduced Cantonese, Uygur and other dialects and minority speech synthesis technologies. In this way, each load can only reach a certain load, which has made a major contribution to ensuring that China's Chinese intelligent speech technology is in the leading position in the world. After long-term good partnership with domestic enterprises in finance, telecommunications, transportation, energy, CTI and other fields, and by providing thoughtful and meticulous technical services for cooperative enterprises, Jietong huashengling can provide reference for users: the voice services of cloud intelligent voice technology range from high-speed rail running through China to major airports; From each hospital to each long-distance bus station; From voice services of CCB, ABC and other major banks to call center services in various fields; In the 15 years from the Beijing Olympic Games to the Shanghai WorldExpo, from 2000 to today, Jietong Huasheng has provided the most advanced intelligent voice services to 1.3 billion Chinese people all the time and everywhere

after these achievements, Jietong Huasheng has not stopped on the road of intelligent voice technology. In 2013, Jietong Huasheng established a strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University. With the support of Tsinghua University, Lingyun speech recognition technology began to develop by leaps and bounds. The Lingyun speech recognition rate exceeded 95%, reaching the highest level in China. Since then, Lingyun speech synthesis and speech recognition have been combined and widely used in call centers, IVR navigation, voice quality inspection and analysis, almost covering enterprise level intelligent voice services and applications

since Jietong Huasheng launched the all-round artificial intelligence open platform Lingyun () in 2011, the languages supported by the Lingyun platform for speech synthesis have been expanded to 13 languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arab, Portuguese and Japanese, which can cover 90% of the world. Multi industry applications have also accumulated rich cooperation experience for lingyunping to make due contributions to the development of enterprise local integration, and can provide in-depth customized services according to the needs of customers. After the breakthrough in speech recognition, the new version of Lingyun speech synthesis technology launched by Jietong Huasheng in cooperation with it is more fluent and natural, and is more suitable for real-time text information in various fields and industries, as well as social and reading speech broadcasting in public life. At present, the six artificial intelligence technology capabilities of the Lingyun intelligent open platform, including speech recognition and speech synthesis, are fully open to the society free of charge. Developers can take what they need from the Lingyun platform and add a variety of artificial intelligence capabilities to their software applications, intelligent devices, automobiles, home appliances and homes

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