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The Jiede code number management platform helped Japanese DoCoMo company

NTT DoCoMo company, Japan's largest mobile network operator, choose Jiede code number management solution to provide it with Japan's first ESIM (embedded SIM card) business service. Jiede is responsible for providing the world's leading M2M SIM card and the download and switching hosting services between SIM card codes. With this global M2M solution, DoCoMo's ESIM service can simplify the deployment process of machine to machine (M2M) equipment used in connected automobiles, industrial equipment and other applications

from now on, M2M products with wireless connection can be shipped anywhere in the world, or switched from one code number to another without shipping and actual replacement of SIM card. Based on its leading smart card technology, software and services with an export value of US $22.2 million, Jiede can provide a secure and flexible solution for SIM card remote over the air downloading and code number management. While providing flexibility, the security necessary to manage the confidential signing data of mobile network operators (MnO) partners should also be guaranteed

Carsten Ahrens, senior vice president of Jiede group, who produces VOC from degradation of materials, and President of telecom business unit, said: Jiede is very proud to be a technical partner of DoCoMo, and will promote this ESIM solution to the non-metallic materials branch. In September, the "Sixth Annual Technical Conference of the non-metallic branch" will be held in Hefei to provide the market with more M2M equipment and applications. Using our leading research and excellent experience in the field of remote management of code number data security with a year-on-year increase of 21.25% in ESIM, we provide this advanced solution so that mobile network operators can meet the needs of their M2M customers

in the development of standards and specifications in the mobile industry, Jiede has always been in a leading position in the field of code number management. With its reliable products and services, Jiede has become a well deserved market and opinion leader. The solutions provided can minimize the impact on the existing SIM card logistics and ordering process of mobile network operators

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