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Jiede released the first financial payment Bracelet loaded with bus application in China

Industrial Bank held a press conference with Shenzhen Tong Co., Ltd. to announce that Xingli bracelet, the first wearable mobile payment product in China, has fully launched bus application functions in Shenzhen. As a supplier of technology, products and solutions, Jiede company helped this important cooperation and the research and development of new products

as early as may, 2015, Jiede has participated in the cross-border cooperation among industrial bank, China UnionPay and Gudong app. As a bracelet product supplier, it helped launch Xingli bracelet, the first product of Xingli credit card. Six months later, this mobile payment product has been upgraded and made a new appearance in the new year

now this credit card product has three highlights:

1 It will launch the first domestic financial payment Bracelet loaded with public transport applications. Environmental protection has also become a very attractive field, with the functions of traffic card payment, financial payment and sports

2. It takes the lead in the industry in realizing the function of e-cash recharge (load) through app, changing the traditional mode that the load can only be carried out through the counter of the issuer or the ATM machine with UnionPay flash payment logo

3. The real name system for bus card accounts has been realized, breaking the previous industry barrier that bus cards are anonymous and cannot be reported for loss. If the user loses the bracelet, he can report the loss to recover the loss

industrial bank disclosed at the press conference that in addition to powerful function upgrades, the hardware configuration of the second generation of Xingli credit card products is also better: the memory of the bracelet has been expanded, comprehensively improving the hardware performance; The wristband is also extended from the original black to seven colors to better adapt to the personal preferences of different users

by the end of April 2015, industrial bank had issued more than 14million credit cards, ranking among the largest credit card issuers in China; At the same time, Shenzhen Tong has issued 26million cards and 1.6 million general-purpose users, making it the largest traffic mobile payment application in China. With the strong number of customers of both sides, this cross-border cooperation will bring a strong market competitive advantage to the new generation of Xingli bracelet

(from left to right in the figure are respectively: Hu Jia, product director of Jiede China, Jiao Wei, sales manager, zhushifeng, product manager, Xiaowei, general manager of Jiede China, Xiao Lin, director of innovation business, and Bai Xuejing, director of financial and government business division)

the launch of this product is another cross industry integration of Jiede in the field of intelligent wearable and mobile security innovation. The security payment products and solutions independently developed by Jiede provide technology and security guarantee for the integration of financial payment, transportation payment, sports and fitness, and intelligent wearing functions. Committed to the field of mobile security, Jiede is looking forward to working with cross-border partners to launch more innovative products and solutions that meet market needs, are fashionable, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient. Read

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