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Jierjie appeared in BMW Shanghai 2020 and successfully held the handover ceremony with its partners. Jierjie appeared in BMW Shanghai 2020 and successfully held the handover ceremony with its partners. On November, 2020, the 020 related to Bauma China 2 installation or allowing materials to be used under excessive stress was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. JLG, the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms, came on stage with industry-leading innovative aerial work products and solutions, and successfully held a handover ceremony with Shenyang Xuelong and Anhui feisheng during the exhibition. With its innovative, safe and efficient advanced intelligent equipment, jieerjie has written a new chapter of win-win cooperation with its partners

(the picture is the live scene of the BMW exhibition of jierje)

with the help of leading products, jierje has realized more market potential.

the compact crawler arm type aerial work platform launched by jierje is also called a spider cart because its automatic leveling outriggers are like spiders. The x26jp, the protagonist of this jierjie and Shenyang Xuelong aircraft delivery ceremony, is one of the few spider carts in the current market. It can provide a larger working range. The full range load of 230 kg is even more ahead of its peers, covering more different applications. In addition, the standard diesel and external AC power supply of x26jp realize the real dual power design, effectively adapting to indoor and outdoor dual applications

(the picture shows the handover ceremony between jierjie and Shenyang Xuelong. The relative error of 4 indication values is within 2%~5% of the full scale: ± 1% field photo)

it is reported that x26jp is the first spider cart introduced in Northeast China. Shopping malls, terminal buildings, theatres and other places all have the demand for indoor high-altitude operation. The spider cart with outstanding performance obviously has a huge market potential. Shenyang Xuelong hopes to fill the current market gap in the region and help customers achieve safer and more efficient work at height by actively expanding models

expand characteristic models to help enterprises' strategic transformation

Anhui feisheng is also very optimistic about the prospect of compact crawler arm type aerial work platform, and has purchased x26jp as early as 2019. In order to enhance its competitiveness in the rapidly developing market, Anhui feisheng decided to implement a differentiated management strategy, continue to increase the proportion of spider carts and boom carts in the fleet, and pay particular attention to the selection of distinctive models. After comprehensive comparison in many aspects, jieerjie's innovative equipment stands out with excellent comprehensive performance, and once again won the favor of Anhui feisheng

apart from delivering x33jp at BMW exhibition site, jierjie and Anhui feisheng also completed the delivery of 1500sj at jierjie company. With larger working range, more optimized product design and safer equipment performance, jieerjie aerial work platform provides users with safe and efficient solutions

(picture: group photo of jierjie and Anhui feisheng aircraft handover ceremony)

at present, China's aerial work platform industry is in the stage of rapid growth. With its strong brand and technical strength, jieerjie has firmly established itself in the Chinese market and continued to bring more advanced and rich construction solutions to Chinese users. Jieerjie will continue to promote production capacity improvement and product upgrading, and inject strong impetus into the development of China's aerial work platform industry with more cutting-edge technologies, more reliable products and services

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