The hottest Jiede 3D dream card won the ICMA Yilan

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Jiede 3D "dream card" won ICMA Yilan unique innovation award

the card works designed and selected by Jiede company won the best unique innovation award in the Yilan card design competition organized by ICMA

award winning card: dream card

issuing bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, personalized card product

card new process: the ingenious combination of creative design and new process of Jiede's original 3D card printing technology:

dream card will design the theme full of reverie space on the card through modern simple art form, abstractly showing the pursuit and convergence of thousands of dreams. The dot pattern of dream changes regularly and rhythmically, showing the visual distance from far to near, symbolizing that dream is expectation and belief. From germination to realization, it is a kind of happiness with low elastic modulus

3d printing technology, as one of the most critical manufacturing technologies, has become popular in various fields once it is launched, overturning the bottleneck of traditional materials. By stacking the printing materials layer by layer, the 3D process can display the two-dimensional plane patterns in a three-dimensional way, making the picture more spatial and artistic. It has unparalleled advantages in presenting the embossed and embossed effects of cards

Jiede company creatively applies 3D technology to the field of card making, and stereoscopically outlines the point-to-point changes of the dream card -- the size and thickness of each point are specially customized. The unique process perfectly sets off the effect of the design, making the cardholder feel a mysterious, beautiful and dreamy future from vision to touch and from far to near

Jiede diversified innovation system:

Jiede (4) hollow fiber membrane product has been pursuing excellence and striving to become a technology leader rather than a follower. In recent years, Jiede has made breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent wearable, cloud payment, end-to-end solutions, TSM and application services, and continuously developed new products and system solutions that meet customer needs and lead cutting-edge technologies. Various systems and services enable Jiede to form many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export, and a new diversified product innovation system with its own characteristics

about ICMA:

icma (international card manufacturers association) is a non-profit organization composed of global card manufacturers, personalized service providers, publishers and suppliers whose travel range is distributed as shown in Figure 1. ICMA Yilan award is an annual award for global card design and manufacturing held by the International Association of card makers to commend the card makers and card issuing banks that performed the best in technological progress and card design in the world that year. It is known as the Oscar Award in the card making industry

about Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's personal card:

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's personal card is customized for customers. It aims to break through the traditional constraints, return the initiative to consumers, realize the self-worth of each cardholder, and realize the personalized breakthrough of the bank card. It is of revolutionary significance

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