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Zheshang Bank signed a strategic agreement with China Construction Machinery Trade

Zheshang Bank signed a strategic agreement with China Construction Machinery Trade

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on the 21st, it was learned from Zheshang Bank that the bank recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Construction machinery trade, the world's largest Chinese portal of construction machinery and the industry e-commerce platform. This strategic cooperation is an important step taken by Zheshang Bank and China Construction machinery trade to deepen the Internet financial cooperation. According to the agreement, the bank will give full play to the advantages of banking services and Internet financial innovation, provide comprehensive services including credit rating, customer recommendation, settlement business, guarantee business, financing business, wealth management, publicity and promotion, e-commerce banking service application for customers in China's construction machinery trade and construction machinery industry, and provide Internet financial innovation service solutions suitable for the characteristics of the construction machinery field, Provide systematic, procedural and integrated B2B e-commerce comprehensive financial services for the construction machinery industry

in recent years, Zheshang Bank has actively explored the innovative business of Internet finance. Since March this year, the bank has launched the B2B e-commerce financial integrated service scheme in China, launched the B2B e-commerce information publishing platform (purchase and sale E) and the fund management platform (purchase and sale connect) feature platforms, and simultaneously launched the B2B e-commerce financial integrated service brand "enterprise E purchase and sale"

by the end of June, there were nearly 4000 registered members of purchase and sale E and purchase and sale connect. In addition, the bank also successfully carried out B2B e-commerce cooperation with e-commerce platforms such as business treasure, made in China transactions, electromechanical home, Shaoxing Shangfang Textile City, Shenzhen hengdafu jewelry, etc

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