The hottest Zhenxiong group develops jm220capmaste

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Zhenxiong group developed a 32 high-speed bottle cap special machine of jm220 capmaster

Zhenxiong group is one of the few system suppliers in the world who can manufacture a full set of injection molding machines, special molds, manipulators and conveyor belts by themselves, and showed a variety of products and system solutions on site. Chen-pet system is a comprehensive solution of the two-step bottle blank injection system developed by Zhenxiong group. Chen-pet system has 8 to 56 mold cavities to choose from, and can produce 1800 to 12500 bottle blanks per hour, which can operate continuously for hours. With this system, Zhenxiong group also specially developed a 32 high-speed bottle cap production machine of jm220 capmaster as its latest injection molding equipment to enter the beverage market. In addition, Zhenxiong group also showed jetberg MKIV series high-speed precision injection molding machine jm170 MKIV (suitable for high-precision and thin-walled products), high-speed elbow injection molding machine sm-90ts, V series proportional variable pump system CJ1, foreign trade orders sharply reduced 80m3v and other injection molding systems, as well as ichen system workshop management system

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By introducing different concentrations of water into their Swiss weidplas company 1, they have adopted the colorform process to produce directly installable A-pillar panels for the new Peugeot 3008 SUV in their Swiss R ü Ti factory. The model statement:

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