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Zhiguang electric announced to fully enter the energy-saving service industry

recently, Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric Co., Ltd. and the energy-saving service industry committee of China Energy Conservation Association (EMCA) held a signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement, and announced that it would take "energy conservation and efficiency increase" as one of the three development directions of the company in the next 10 years, and comprehensively enter the energy-saving service industry. Relevant heads of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the national development and Reform Commission, the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission and the China Energy Conservation Association attended the signing ceremony

Rui Dongyang, general manager of Zhiguang electric, said that after 10 years of innovative development, energy conservation and efficiency increase have become one of the main development directions of the company at present and in the future. The development of energy efficiency business will greatly promote the market expansion of Zhiguang Electric's existing products and services. As an advocate and communicator of China's energy-saving service industry, EMCA has many innovations and practices in the concept and business model of saving fixture with only one set of energy-saving service industry, which is worth learning and learning from Zhiguang electric. As a provider of overall solutions for industrial electrical energy conservation and efficiency improvement, Zhiguang electric can carry out more strategic cooperation with more excellent peers in the field of energy conservation services on the platform of EMCA, share resources, complement each other's advantages, and jointly promote the great development of China's energy conservation cause

according to the report released by the China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center of the National Bureau of statistics, the scale of China's energy-saving service market is about 450 billion. According to the preliminary statistics of EMCA, the total output value of the energy-saving service industry above designated size was about 41.73 billion yuan in 2008, and the investment in contract energy management projects was 116. In the future, Nanjing Julong will become a top-notch domestic manufacturer of high-end new materials in the automotive and high-speed rail fields 700 million yuan, and the comprehensive energy-saving investment is 25.32 billion yuan. It can be seen that the space of energy-saving service market is still very broad

Rui Dongyang also said that the Chinese government's commitment to reduce China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% - 45% by 2020 compared with 2005 will have a far-reaching impact on the development of China's energy-saving industry, and also requires us to promote the development of China's energy-saving cause with more innovative thinking. With years of experience accumulated in the power system, as well as a deep understanding of industrial power consumption and in-depth research on power saving technology, Zhiguang electric puts forward eight implementation concepts of industrial electrical energy conservation and efficiency increase, and comprehensively integrates and innovates the technology, products and services accumulated for many years, innovates the business model, creates an overall solution for industrial electrical energy conservation and efficiency increase, and helps industrial users achieve comprehensive energy conservation and efficiency increase. Solutions for energy conservation and growth: the three directions of efficiency, intelligent power distribution and electrical transportation will become an important way for Zhiguang electric to adhere to and develop in the second decade. It takes servo electromechanical as the power source

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