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Zhenhua heavy industry won the European big order to compete for the Atlantic Gateway

Zhenhua heavy industry won the European big order to compete for the Atlantic Gateway

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although the economic downturn in Europe has a great impact on the regional shipping industry, However, the large British port operator peer ports (hereinafter referred to as peer) bucked the trend and offered a purchase contract with a total value of US $170million to the Chinese equipment manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhenhua heavy industry). This is also the new investment in port machinery and equipment by peel in order to expand its Liverpool port and build it into a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. The series of cooperation that the two sides may reach after this will also become a very suitable overseas sample for Zhenhua heavy industry to transform from a simple port machinery and equipment manufacturer to marine engineering, automatic wharf construction, marine industry investment and other new fields

Atlantic portal's order

"the plight of the European economy will not have any impact on our investment in Liverpool port, because it is located in the heart of the UK in terms of location, and domestic demand alone is enough to meet the throughput of the port," said Mark Whitworth, CEO of peel, on July 30, "The next step is to build the Liverpool Port Phase 2 Wharf into an important part of the huge project called 'Atlantic Gateway'. This project plans to attract US $85billion (50billion pounds) of investment in 50 years, and will develop the area between Manchester and Liverpool, becoming the largest and most extensive development project in British history."

Liverpool Port Phase II terminal is peel's deep-water container terminal in Liverpool port, with a total investment of 512million US dollars. After completion, it will be able to accommodate 95% of the world's container fleet

the piston purchased by peel from Zhenhua heavy industry will rise. The port machinery is prepared for the expanded Liverpool port, including 8 ship to shore (STS) megamax port cranes and 22 cantilever Rail Gantry Cranes (CRMG)

after the completion of Liverpool Port Phase II project, it will become the largest transatlantic deep-water container terminal in Britain, double the container throughput of the whole Liverpool port, and become the first semi-automatic container port in Europe

weimak revealed: "Liverpool Port Phase 2 Wharf will create a direct trade route for the British population living within 240 kilometers around Liverpool to supply Chinese goods, and will provide the most convenient route for Chinese merchant ships to enter the Nordic market, not only for goods destined for the English market, but also for goods destined for Scotland and Ireland, Jung and North Wales. The newly opened annual throughput is 4million TEU (20 foot standard container unit of measurement) to enhance potential trade between the two countries. "

this goal of Liverpool port is obviously based on sufficient trade data. According to official data, China became the seventh largest export market of Britain last year. British exports to China reached US $21.1 billion (12.4 billion pounds), an increase of 17% year-on-year. China is the third largest importer to Britain. UK imports from China amounted to US $56.8 billion (33.3 billion pounds), an increase of 6% year-on-year and 9% since 2010

in these trades, sea transportation has played a great role, especially in Liverpool port, which is located in the heart of the UK. British Prime Minister David Cameron also admitted when inspecting the Liverpool Port Phase II wharf project, "many large container ships dock in the southern port, but the vast majority of goods are destined for the northern part of the UK."

"Zhenhua heavy industry is not only providing cranes, they are helping us complete a project that can change the entire UK logistics industry." Weimark said

for Zhenhua heavy industry, although its core business is still the sales of port machinery, after accounting for more than 70% of the global market, the weakness of the shipping industry has affected the port industry, and the weakness of new business has also pushed it to the position of transformation

weak shipping promotes Zhenhua's transformation

"from the order situation in the first half of this year, the order of offshore engineering has exceeded that of Hong Kong Machinery," Wang Jue, chief financial officer of Zhenhua heavy industry, revealed on July 30, "but in the whole year, the order of offshore engineering should be about 40%, and that of Hong Kong machinery should be about 60%. For us, the ideal proportion should be half and half."

Zhenhua heavy industry, which started with port machinery and equipment, changed its name from Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. to Zhenhua heavy industry as early as 2009. It can also be seen that it has long realized that the continued development in a single equipment manufacturing industry is not sustainable

songhailiang, chairman, party secretary and President of Zhenhua heavy industry, said, "at present, Zhenhua heavy industry has occupied more than 70% of the global port machinery market and occupies an absolute leading position in this field, but even so, it still needs to transform, gradually reduce its dependence on the port machinery business, and has defined eight business segments, hoping to realize the transformation from relying solely on products to providing services."

Wang Jue said, "in the field of Hong Kong Machinery, Zhenhua heavy industry can do more market share that is easy to cause traffic accidents, but under the current economic situation, the total amount has shown insufficient. Before, we could achieve a scale of 30billion a year, but last year it was only 23billion, which still relies on investment to drive a part of it." so, "if we don't transform, enterprises can't continue."

in addition to the marine engineering field, another key development direction of Zhenhua heavy industry is the overall scheme construction of the automated terminal system. According to song Hailiang, the first customer in this field, Xiamen port, will be fully commissioned in November this year, and it is expected to sign the overall contract with Qingdao Port and Yangshan port at the end of this year and the beginning of next year

according to the 2013 performance report released by Zhenhua heavy industry at the beginning of the year, the company achieved an operating revenue of 23.202 billion yuan, an increase of 27.1% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company was 139.8 million yuan, reversing losses year-on-year

"last year's performance increased by 70% compared with the previous year. If the orders of Yangshan port can be completed this year, it will certainly increase compared with last year, and it is expected to increase by 30%." Song Hailiang revealed

in addition to the large order of peel, there are still more possibilities for cooperation between the two sides, which is also the further test of Zhenhua heavy industry's business transformation overseas

when talking about the 50 billion investment plan of Liverpool port, weimark said that he hoped to achieve further cooperation with Zhenhua heavy industry. Songhailiang immediately said that he would establish a customer service center in Liverpool to provide further services to peer and other European customers. If Liverpool port has demand, Zhenhua heavy industry will provide wharf construction consulting services for the scratches scratched by soft objects

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