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Zhenhua heavy industry signs the world's most advanced super large dredger order

Zhenhua heavy industry signs the world's most advanced super large dredger order

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June 8, Zhenhua heavy industry signed the construction contract of the world's most advanced large self-propelled cutter suction dredger with ultra PCU surface slight chemical change – 5000 kW cutter power self-propelled cutter suction dredger with China Communications and space navigation bureau

it is understood that the captain is about 140 meters, the width is 27.8 meters, the draft is 6.5 meters, and the maximum excavation depth is 35 meters. The ship integrates the latest technology in the world. The power unit of the whole ship adopts the form of electric drive, with a total installed power of more than 25680 kW. It is equipped with the world's most powerful excavation system. The power of the cutter motor is 5000 kW, the maximum power can reach 7500 kw, the nominal production capacity is about 6000 cubic meters/hour, and the speed can reach 12 knots. Equipped with four different types of Cutterheads: general, clay, rock excavation and heavy rock excavation, it can not only dredge clay, dense sandy soil, gravel and coral reefs, but also excavate moderately and weakly weathered rocks with a compressive strength of less than 50 MPa. It also has the navigation capacity and barge loading function in the unlimited navigation area, and is applicable to the dredging of coastal and far-reaching port channels at home and abroad, as well as the reclamation of land by reclamation, and has a strong rock excavation function. The design of the ship adheres to the "8h" R & D standard of high adaptability, high production efficiency, high economy, high reliability and high humanization design, which is seriously broken by Chinese construction machinery enterprises from time to time, including automation, high guarantee ability, high green environmental protection and high humanization design. It integrates top technologies such as full electric drive power device, super strong excavation system and ultra long row spacing, aiming to highlight the excellent performance of the ship and build a world-class flagship. At the same time, the ship is equipped with many of the most advanced dredging equipment in the world at present, and is equipped with three high-efficiency mud pumps driven by variable-frequency motors. The delivery power of the mud pump reaches 17000 kW, which is the highest power configuration in the world at present. It can realize the high output of the ship in excavating silt, clay, dense sandy soil and other media. It has super strong land reclamation capacity, and the maximum sludge discharge distance is 15000 meters, The long-distance delivery capacity of the mud pump ranks first in the world, and its essence cannot be revealed

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