The export price of used cardboard fell in June, a

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In June, the export price of used carton board fell, followed by the price of used paper/mixed paper

this month, several companies that mainly export waste paper to Asia reduced the price of some varieties by $5 - 30/ton, including the price of used carton board (OCC) fell for the first time in seven months. In June, the FOB seller's Wharf price of OCC exports on the West Bank of the United States was reduced by 27.5 dollars/ton to reach US dollars/ton. In June, the export price of OCC on the east coast of the United States was reduced by $10/ton to $1/ton

the drop in OCC price this month was the largest decline since July last year. At that time, the price in the West Bank was US dollars/ton, and the price rose as many as five times in seven months

despite the price decline, the price of OCC still increased by about twice compared with last year, and the price of used paper (ONP) increased by about 75%

exporters believe that OCC prices fell in June due to the impact of the domestic OCC market in the United States. It is said that the box board factory along the Northwest Pacific coast lowered the price by US $per ton at the end of May and by US $20 per ton again on June 1. Asian demand for American waste paper this month was lower than that in May. Orders from South Korean Buyers fell, while orders from China also fell slightly

in addition, the prices of mixed white trim (SWL) and No. 8 ONP have decreased. The West Bank SWL price fell by 27.50 dollars/ton, and the east bank price fell by 15 dollars/ton. Since August 1999, the export price of ONP No. 8 has fallen for the first time. On the 8th of this month, the price of ONP is still 69% higher than that of last August. The export price of mixed paper in the West Bank decreased by $5/ton, but the price in the east bank increased by $15/ton

although the prices of domestic and export OCC in the United States fell this month, the prices in Europe, especially Germany, are still rising. It is reported that German paper mills will not shut down in summer due to strong demand. In June, the recycling price of German OCC rose again

the price of OCC in Europe rose, but the price of OCC in the United States fell, forcing the price of European exports to Asia to match that of the United States

the freight rate has increased by 30% since January this year, but the export freight rate has not increased since this month, but American exporters have reported that it is difficult for both East and west sides to book containers at the beginning of this month

according to the statistics of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the export of waste paper in the first quarter of this year increased by 13% over the first quarter of 1999, reaching 2.1 million tons, half of which came from exports to China. The export volume of waste paper from the United States to China in the first quarter reached 381828 tons, up 47%

last year, China replaced South Korea as the number one buyer of American waste paper in Asia. China purchased 1287000 tons of waste paper from the United States, 375000 tons from Indonesia, 306000 tons from India and 298000 tons from Taiwan

in the past three years, China's consumption of waste paper in the United States has increased by 78%. China's demand for more intuitive operation of waste paper in the United States will be very strong. At present, most experimental machines are technology intensive high-tech products integrating machine, light, electricity and liquid. Most products belong to measuring appliances, and several factories using waste paper are under construction. In nine months, two noodle box board mills with an annual output of 550000 tons will be put into operation in China, and China's largest deinked pulp mill will also be started

Therefore, the specified creep limit is usually adopted

Guangdong Dongguan Jiulong factory plans to start the production of primary color and white vermicelli box board paper on a scale of 400000 tons of paper machine on June 8. Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. plans to strengthen the development of new materials in Qingdao (6) on June 18, taking into account the large-scale production of paper machines with an annual output of 150000 tons in hehe Prefecture. Dongying Huatai Paper ordered 180000 tons of deinking machine for its Shandong Dongying plant, which will need 70% ONP and 30% old magazines. (pulp and paper weekly)

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